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A few years back I had just moved into a new place, and a friend of mine gave me a homemade succulent garden, and it was such a sweet and seriously thoughtful gift! It was beautiful, but it was also so special to me because it was a gift that had come from the heart, and my friend had taken the time to make it for me. Ever since then I have been totally inspired to be more thoughtful with my own gift giving.

Cyn and I decided to try making these DIY terrariums we read about, and they have become a great go-to housewarming or hostess gift. They aren’t too hard or time consuming to make, they look great on display, and they are a pretty original gift. I also love to get really personal with what kind of crystal I select — I get one that is picked out specifically for whoever I am making my terrarium for (plus you know Cyn and I love a good crystal). Next time you’re stumped for a gift for the home, give making one of these a try!

SUPPLIES you will need:

· Glass terrarium

· Pebbles/Stones

· Charcoal

· Soil

· Succulent

· Moss

· Crystal

If you try making your own terrarium take a picture and hashtag #TheSweetLife so we can see how it turned out!



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