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Easter is one of my favorite holidays! The kids get so excited, it means spring is here, and of course all the chocolate doesn’t hurt either … I used to make it a point to dye Easter eggs with my kids every year, but an array of lingering food coloring stains on my furniture caused me to halt the tradition. After a two-year egg dying hiatus, and I promised myself that this year, we would bring the favorite family pastime back. In addition, I was determined to find a less messy procedure.

So, I obviously went to Pinterest for inspiration! Not long after I began my search, I came across a great new twist on decorating eggs: stamps! What I initially perceived to be detailed paint stenciling on the egg (who has the time?), turned out to be the simple use of ink stamps, which is great for my four-year-old daughter. I bought cute mini flower and star stamps from Michaels for three dollars each, and already had the ink pads at home. You can also apply colored acrylic paint with a very thin brush if you feel like adding extra designs. For instance, if you stamp a flower, green paint can be used to add a stem to it.

Truthfully, the design possibilities are endless on these eggs, and I’m happy to report my white couch, stayed white. Furthermore, my kids convinced Auntie Britt to join us, and we had a blast doing it. The designs and use of supplies were just enticing enough that my children (and Britt!) were enthusiastic about following through to the end. We ended up doing two dozen eggs!

SUPPLIES we used:

· 24 hard boiled eggs

· Mini star + flower shaped stamps

· 3 Ink pads (red, blue, purple)

· 3 Acrylic paints (pink, green, yellow)

· 3 thin paint brushes (one for each color paint) I loved the “no mess, no stress” aspect of making these.

The best part was the day after we made them, I saw the same egg DIY on the cover of Martha Stewart Living. I mean, if Martha would do it, it has to be a good craft!



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