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I love designing my home, and I am constantly looking for ways to update my home décor. My design esthetic is bohemian meets rustic chic, with a touch of modern California. Suffice it to say, I melt for an awesome vintage leather chair, or an amazing hand sewn pillow I pick up while traveling. A while back I got introduced to the idea of incorporating crystals into home décor, and decided to investigate further about why this décor trend was becoming so popular.

Unsure of what the purpose of designing with crystals really was, I did a little research, and The Decorista had an awesome explanation of how to use them in your home. On her site, she writes that her design approach with crystals is: “I am totally Spiritual but I don't like to get too extreme with it. I still like to keep tailored glamour in my style . . . it’s always a balance. I've found myself calling it, ‘spiritual glamour’. Crystals and stones are a huge part of home decor Feng Shui and can be used to heal, uplift and attract in more things that you want in life. I know there are a lot of skeptics but I feel the difference and it totally works for me.”

Spiritual balance + glamour … um, yes please. Now, I’m definitely more of a realist, and can’t say that I really subscribe to the whole new-age spirituality thing. However, I love The Decorista’s explanation, and the idea that you are brining something into your home to promote an energy or a vibe. It’s like setting an intention for the room. I also love the décor aspect of using crystals. For me, I like everything in a room to have a design purpose or a story behind it. Decorating with crystals totally fits these criteria — Crystals have that whole boho thing going on, match really well with my décor style, and they each have a specific purpose for being there. So far, I have displayed one on a floating shelf, and for my smaller ones, in a little hand painted bowl that I picked up from a market in Mexico.

Britt and I both have begun collecting crystals, and using them in different ways. I keep Turquoise in my living room to promote communication, and Britt has Carnelian in her home office to promote creativity. Here are two of our other favorites that Britt and I both have:


True story, we went to pick out crystals before Britt met her now fiancé, Adam. She had read that placing a bowl of rose quartz crystals in your bedroom is a feng shui love cure. So, she followed through on placing one in her abode and one month later, Adam walks into her life.


I’m a girl who loves her sleep! Amethyst promotes calmness, patience, balance and clarity, and so I keep this crystal in my bedroom. I truly believe having amethyst in my room has improved my quality of sleep and my ability to rest. Also, ever since I brought it in my bedroom I have really lucid dreams!

My advice to you is to have an open mind, and give crystals a try! You never know what an energy shift could do for your life, and your home will thank you for the accessories!



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