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My sister and I have this little game we play where one of us will completely obsess over an idea, and not stop talking about until the other one caves into the idea just to stop hearing about it. This Rawvana Mask was one of those times. While we both have interest in trying out natural and green beauty products and trends, Cyn zeroed in on this Rawvana Mask — Once she really wouldn’t let up, I knew there was no getting out of it. I swear if Cyn ever needs to choose another career path she would rise right to the top of cosmetic sales – she can talk you into anything!

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, Rawvana Masks are all natural, vegan and made from fruits and vegetables. The idea is that the nutrients from the food are absorbed right into the skin and offer some amazing skin rejuvenation benefits like reduceing acne and dark spots. I liked the idea of just going into our fridge and getting the ingredients for a beauty regimen, and Cyn liked the idea it was chemical free and edible. Naturally, I had to laugh when her mask ended up looking like someone had lost their lunch on her face lol! Pro tip: blend better next time.

Growing up in Florida we were used to a humid climate, but in California it’s extremely dry — And that means much drier skin! This mask was refreshing, nourishing, and filled with antioxidants, which definitely assisted in the skin hydration department. After doing it, I realized that these weekly masks are actually really effective and are something I should be better about in between my facial appointments. Our skin is a living organ, so it’s important to feed it moisture and build peptides; like a plant it needs fertilizer and nutrition. We have to take care of it, we’re not getting any younger!

A great time to give a natural mask a try like this is when you’re Netflixin! Treat your face! It deserves to look smoother with smaller pores and be without dark circles. Who doesn’t need a glow up?

Here is what we used and how we put the masks together:

Britt’s mask:

• 2 Tbsp coconut yogurt

• A dash of turmeric

• 2 Tbsp maple syrup

• Blend all ingredients in a small bowl until smooth. Apply to your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse clean.

Cyn’s mask:

• 1/2 Cup blueberries

• 2 Tbsp coconut yogurt

• Handful of raw almonds, chopped

• Juice of ½ lemon

• Blend all ingredients in a small bowl until smooth. Apply to your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse clean.

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