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Bonding with my four-year-old daughter Steely during these early years is of utmost importance to me. However, like myself at that age, it’s pretty much impossible to get her to sit still for two minutes. The one activity that my mom could get me stationary doing was weaving friendship bracelets. These days, kids always have a screen in front of their face, so I feel it’s crucial to spend as much time with my kids doing creative activities as possible. When I came across this kids Weaving DIY online, I thought this could be a new twist on the old fad of friendship bracelets, and be a great way to bond with my daughter.

The results are in — It worked! We had a fabulous time and Steely loved this activity. We are definitely making these at the next playdate or birthday party.

Steely is just like her momma and loves a bohemian look. Her bedroom decor has tons of boho influence in it, so her finished multicolor weave fits right in. She also loved knowing she was making something for her big girl room. The whole activity ended up being pretty zen and cathartic to work on, and it inspired me to work on one for my own bedroom (just sans the rainbow colors).

I’m always looking for cost effective activities to do with the kids, and I even had all the materials on hand for this one at home. If not, a quick trip to Michael’s will take care of this craft in under $10.


- Stick from the garden

- Piece of cardboard (approx 6” x 8”)

- Yarn

- Plastic Needle

- Pom Pom maker (Optional, I’m a sucker for pom poms!)

Instructions: Here are the easy instructions, done by Art Bar Blog



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