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I think that every parent can relate to the very real struggle of trying to buy clothing for your kids. You want clothing that they like, that is functional, will endure spills and dirt and if you’re really lucky, looks cute too. The sad truth is that I have spent way too much money over the years buying adorable clothing that my kids want nothing to do with!

I would love to get my kids wearing super trendy clothing and dress them like they were little JCrew and Zara models, but alas, they would never go for it … trust me, I’ve tried. My kids love sporty clothing that they can just be kids in (which is kind of the point isn’t it?).

My daughter Steely has beautiful flowing blonde hair, and looks adorable in little bohemian dresses, but instead she is much more comfortable shopping the boys section of Dick’s Sporting Goods (thanks to the influence of her brothers). I have no problem dipping into the boy’s section of a store for my tomboy daughter Steely. She's just like how I was when I was a little girl! My kids generally live in sporty comfortable clothes and flip flops — They are pretty much all-American kids.

Once in a blue moon, I can bribe my daughter into wearing a few whimsical, boho, earth child dresses for performances at school. Although one time I just gave up and ended up letting her wear a suit and bow tie for her Valentine’s Day performance that she was dead set on wearing … I have to say though, she looked pretty stinking cute.

After a lot of misses, I have found a few tried and true tips and tricks for shopping for kids clothing. First and foremost, like I said above, the biggest litmus test is whether or not my kids will wear what I buy. The fashionista in me however is always seeking out clothing that they will like, and is still somewhat cute! Second, it has to be comfy and cozy. If a piece of clothing is even remotely itchy my kids refuse to wear it. Third, my boys don’t like to wear anything too trendy, so I have learned that with them, less is more. Fourth, I usually try to stick to a budget when shopping for clothing for my kids, but sometimes I don't mind splurging. If I find some special piece of clothing that they can wear for most of the year (big benefit of living in California), and or becomes a staple piece in their wardrobe. Added bonus of having three kids, we have a lot of hand-me-downs.

Here are some of my favorite kids looks and stores to shop at for summer. Let me know if you have any other tips on how to shop for your kids!

GIRLS LOOKS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pink Chicken, Suri Dress | Children of the Tribe, Sol Luna Singlet | Children of the Tribe, Hola Amigo Shorts | Cabbages & Kings, Natural Hand-Embroidered Over-sized Pockets Blue & Gold | ZARA, Striped Strappy Dress with Frills

BOYS LOOKS, LEFT TO RIGHT: ZARA, Ready Steady Sports T-Shirt | Cabbages & Kings, Unisex Cotton Elastic Waistband Pant | Blue Rooster New York, Will Knit Short | Blue Rooster New York, Graphic T | Blue Rooster New York, Wes Short

Show me your favorite kids styles with the hashtag #TheSweetLife!



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