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Workout buddies (or sisters): a person who holds you accountable to show up to workout AND someone who makes working out more fun and social. In yoga classes, teachers often say “the hardest part is showing up to the mat,” and I’d have to agree. For me, having a workout buddy is one essential way to find motivation to show up. Not to mention, your body/mind/soul will thank you.

For my sister and I, working out is part of our life — I know from first-hand experience that if you can work out with a friend, family member, or partner, you are more likely to stick to your routine. It’s also kind of a fun bonding experience … What brings two people together like sweating?

Cyn and I are on different levels athletically, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work out together. We have similar goals and intentions, but she prefers low-impact strength training and I love to push as hard as I can with high-impact training. An added plus: the healthy competitive spirit in each of us comes out when we exercise together, and we can push our limits without feeling judged!

Our video series will show how to do moves at two different levels. I tend to do the more high intensity version of exercises (or more weight). Cyn likes a lower impact workout that gets her body moving, without feeling serious pain.

After you’ve burned some calories and connected with your workout buddy, don’t forget to treat yourself. We love great conversation over a glass of wine … or two (it’s all about having balance in your life!). We’ll have more workout tips coming for you soon. So, stay tuned, find a workout buddy who is down, put a schedule together, and hold each other to it. The results could be a rock-hard body, a present mind...and a deeper relationship!

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