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These days, living a life of luxury and style doesn’t have to break the bank! Companies are popping up everywhere that make it easy for people to do both. Like everyone, Cyn and I are always looking to save money when we can — That’s why we get so excited to learn about the latest and greatest companies to come out of the sharing economy. Companies like Uber or Instacart have made typically expensive services accessible and affordable. An added plus, we get to support companies who are invested in more sustainable business practices!

I recently discovered a new company that really impressed me: Bloomerent. If you are doing any kind of entertaining - from weddings to birthday parties, to bridal or baby showers, we recommend you give them a try. The concept is really genius, they are a flower-sharing service. Professionally designed floral arrangements add that extra element of luxury, refinement and beauty to any party, but can be sooooo expensive. What Bloomerent does is allows you to use your flowers for your event, and then pass them on.

Flowers have a shelf life for 4-5 days, and Bloomerent saw this as a major opportunity as so many events are only using their flowers for a 5-hour event window. The company coordinates with its’ customers, and shares the flowers for multiple events, so that they don’t go to waste.

Bloomerent works directly with the florist to receive your bouquets and rearrange them for the next event. Also, they don’t receive anything unless a referral is made, which guarantees fresh flowers for your next shower or event. Sharing allows customers to save money on a high-price item, while helping florists gain new business, revenue, and of course, reduce waste!

Cyn and I want to continue on this journey of finding companies that are doing their part, and share our new favorite way to indulge in a little more luxury! If you use Bloomerent, be sure and take a picture and hashtag #TheSweetLife so we can see your gorgeous (and affordable) flowers!



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