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When it comes to working out on vacation, Britt is usually the leader of our pack, and the one who scopes out the gym first thing when arriving at a hotel. While she likes to have dedicated sweat sessions, I prefer to keep moving by moseying the streets of an open-air market or walking the beach …. Followed by a nice cold cocktail poolside. I’m just never inspired to go spend time in an enclosed gym while on a trip. When we vacation, we usually go places that are warm and sunny, and are all about spending time outside — So suffice it to say nothing about being on a treadmill indoors is enticing to me. However, the result usually is that I come home from my vacay and find I have lost some serious definition in my lower body.

When I discovered resistance bands, my vacation habits changed for the better. Workout bands are easy to travel with (you can use them anywhere), and there are a ton of different ways you can use them to strength train. I can find enough ways to keep moving and get a lot of steps in while I’m on vacation, but these bands have been a game-changer for keeping my legs and booty toned while I am traveling.

Now when I’m on vacation, I grab my bands, head outside for 30 minutes, and get in a quick leg and glute workout! Instead of coming home feeling totally out of shape, I am able to maintain my muscle tone, and I feel way less guilty indulging in vacation food and cocktails.

Workout bands are cheap and can be found on Amazon. Today Britt and I are sharing with y’all some of our favorite workout band moves for the lower body that we do on vacation. These moves are super easy to do, are low impact, and will keep your booty in shape while you’re away!

Jumping Jacks

Place the band around your thighs and do jumping jacks for 30 seconds to warm the body up!

The Squat Raise

Put the workout band around your upper thighs and make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart. Start with your arms raised up by your ears. Now come down into a squat and lower your arms to be parallel with your shoulders. Your weight should be back on your heels when you squat so that you can feel your booty doing all the work. Repeat three sets of 20.

Side & Back Kicks

Place your hands on a wall, or something to stabilize yourself. Or, if you are working out with a partner, link up your hands and face each other. Place the band is around your ankle. With both feet shoulder width apart, keep one foot in line with your body and kick the other foot back, keeping your legs straight. Kick the one leg back as high as you can, squeezing your leg and glute muscles, and do steady pulses for one minute. Repeat three times on each leg. Then, repeat the same motion, but while kicking your leg to the side.

The Forearm Plank

Place the band around your thighs and get into a forearm plank position. Widen your legs as much as possible and hold for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to squeeze your leg muscles as tight as you can! Repeat three times.

What are some of your favorite workout band moves? Send us your pics and tag #TheSweetLife!



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