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As a bride-to-be, the to-do list for the wedding day never ends. If you don’t prioritize, it can mean forgetting one of the most important parts of the day: feeling your best. Now that I’m officially a married woman (woohoo!), if I can give one piece of advice to all the brides out there it would be: Do not fall victim to the crash diet. Give yourself at least three months beforehand to become your best YOU by eating clean and maintaining a regular workout routine.

No matter your size, if you give yourself 90 days, it’s enough time to still look like yourself (and fit your dress!), but also tighten, tone, hydrate and feel like the best version of you! With some extra fitness discipline and care given to your diet and soul, you can make some serious progress in these three months and ensure that you feel amazing on your big day.

When I thought about my wedding day, my first thought was ‘I want to feel strong’. I pride myself on being someone who has a healthy daily lifestyle, but I knew I had to step it up a notch to get that feeling of strength I was craving. I’ve been in a position of wanting to build strength and tone my body before, and I knew that it would take some sacrifice — Which can be really hard when you are balancing work and wedding demands. I think that one of the biggest challenges for brides is finding the time to try and do it all! Wedding planning is like having a part time job.

To commit myself to getting stronger, I wanted to create a workout program for myself that was succinct and efficient, so I enlisted my friend and Hollywood trainer extraordinaire, Jeanette Jenkins to help me out. My faithful workout partner Cyn came along for the training sessions, and we made sure they were all only 30 minutes so that she and I would have no excuses to ditch our workouts for lack of time. Jeanette designed each workout with high interval training and super sets. That way, we were able to keep our heart rate up, and burn the most calories in a short time span. The results were amazing!

If you don’t have access to a trainer, don’t worry because there are many resources online to design your own high interval workout, like this awesome guide from Fitness Blender.

The best part about the way I trained is that for the most part you don’t even need equipment! You use your own body weight for resistance, and the exercises can even be at home. My husband Adam (love saying that!) and I ended up doing some pre-wedding workouts together as well. It was a really fun bonding experience for us because we both had the same goal of looking our best for the big day!

During these three months, I made the commitment to workout five days per week. I know it seems like a lot, but once the first week goes by, it truly becomes a way of life. You’ll sleep better, look better, and feel better. When you feel confident in your dress on your wedding day … It’ll ALL be worth it!

If you seek variety (like I do), here are some other ways I got ready for our wedding:

• Boxing

• Spin Classes

• Hot Yoga

• Orange Theory Classes

• Class Pass (Buy a package and try out a bunch of different classes to keep things interesting!)

• Pushups and burpees at home! Make this a game you play … For example, every time you walk to your bedroom, stop and do 10 pushups. You’ll be amazed at how often you find yourself sneaking in some exercise.

• CLEAN Eating (no breads, desserts or alcohol, dairy moderation). I like to follow the Whole 30 diet when I really need to be strict with my eating!

Are you working out regularily to get ready for your wedding? Tag #TheSweetLife and let us know the healthy ways you’re doing it!



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