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Having seen all sorts of gorgeous cocktails all over Pinterest lately, I was feeling very inspired to make my own cocktails a little prettier and more appealing the next time I was entertaining.

These Lavender Infused Ice Cubes turned out to be the perfect drink accoutrements to easily impress my guests. And obviously, the best part is, you can make them ahead of time! After some hunting around, I found the perfect ice cube trays on Amazon. They are great because they make long skinny ice cubes that are the perfect height for a highball glass.

To make your ice cubes, simply place a few sprigs of fresh lavender into the tray and then freeze with water. The hint of lavender that infuses the drink as the ice melts definitely adds a something special to your cocktails. I made mine with sparkling rosé wine, and the subtle scent and taste was a beautiful addition to the drink.

Depending on the cocktails you’re planning to serve, you could also make your ice cubes infused with mint, sage, edible flowers or lemon. I would also recommend these ice cubes for a baby or wedding shower — They would be gorgeous in a lemonade, or even sparking water.



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