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After living in Hollywood for twenty years, I’m enjoying the new beginning of residing in Northern California. I moved into my husband’s bachelor pad, and in order to provide me with a more familiar adjustment, room by room, he gave me freedom to add my own personal home decor touch (thanks Adam!). Since I have been so busy with planning my recent wedding, my mini home makeover had to be a gradual transition. Cynthia had also just finished giving her house a ‘light facelift’ (as they say in Hollywood), and was in major home décor mode — So I of course called on her for assistance.

When discussing my décor priorities with Cyn, I knew the kitchen had to be first on my list. We both find that even though she has kids in her home and I don’t, our kitchens are the centerpieces in both of homes — I think most people would agree! Gone are the days of the kitchen being a sectioned off room somewhere that only the woman of the house occupies. Kitchens are often now wide-open spaces and designed to be the focal point for conversations, cooking and generally congregating in the home.

My husband Adam, and I weren’t in a position to do a full remodel, but didn’t stop us from giving our kitchen a mini makeover. You can easily enhance a space aesthetically by adding a few simple accessories, and changing out some furniture — These little updates can make a HUGE difference.

Today we are sharing 5 ways you can modify the look and feel of your kitchen, without tearing down any walls.

1. Statement Barstools or Chairs

Seating can add more pizzazz than you think! Me and Adam’s home has a kitchen breakfast bar which opens up to the living room, so by replacing his standard black leather stools with light wood statement barstools, I significantly brightened up the room and added a fresh, modern touch. If you don’t have a breakfast bar, take a look at your kitchen table’s chairs and see if there is a need for a tune up. The options online are endless, and one trend I noticed is kitchen tables where each chair is unique from the next, creating a very eclectic feel.

2. Kitchen Rugs

Okay, so let’s say you can’t stand the flooring in your kitchen, but budget wise, there is no way you can switch it out anytime soon. Consider adding some life to it (or covering it up!) with a kitchen rug or runner. Cyn and I found so many great rugs online with textures and styles ranging from Moroccan to Aztec to Native American. With a splash of color and a cool design, you can illuminate the rug, and make your unattractive floor a mere backdrop. Even if you do like your floors, adding a rug is a great option for creating some additional color and dimension in your kitchen.

3. Pendant Lights

They require a small amount of installation, but make a huge difference! Pendant lights can really elevate the look of your kitchen, and add a very designer feel. Before adding pendant lights to our kitchen, Adam and I relied on our fluorescent kitchen lighting and recessed living room lighting, which was always too bright together or not bright enough if only one was on. My pendant lights have an industrial feel, and added another beautiful texture to the room. Also, the dimmer bulbs have made all the difference because we can now change the mood in the kitchen!

4. Cabinet Knobs

I realized cabinet knobs were a big decision when I counted 36 of them to replace! A seemingly small decision, cabinet knobs actually make a big difference in the kitchen. Ultimately, I settled on brass knobs due to the light wood contrast, but black is another great go-to option, especially if you have a very white palate in terms of cabinetry and counters in your kitchen. When choosing knobs, it’s important to be on trend, but also find ones that will stay for a long time — These aren’t something you want to replace yearly!

5. Display Accessories

If you are afforded the counter space, a great way to fix any blandness is to display serving dishes, large kitchen machinery or utensils on it. A big wooden salad bowl takes up a lot of room in a cabinet but can look great stacked with others the right way on a countertop. Brass or copper spatulas or tongs can stand out and compliment your cabinet knobs. Often times the metallic bowl of a mixer or blender can looks sleek, while saving you cabinet space.

The kitchen is the new family room. Why not make it a place that you love? Tag #TheSweetLife and let us know how you’ve changed up yours recently.



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