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I love a good DIY project — Especially a seasonal one that is fun and festive! Typically when I am looking for some DIY inspiration, I turn to Pinterest (who doesn’t). So, when I was browsing the site and came across these adorable little Cute Face Mini Pumpkins by Homey Oh My, I knew I had to make them — They were just too cute!

These little pumpkins look adorable as indoor seasonal décor! They are also so easy to do, and my favorite part is that you avoid all the typical pumpkin carving mess that comes with making a traditional Jack-o-lantern! For supplies, all you will need are:

• White mini pumpkins (or you can paint any pumpkin using an acrylic-based white paint)

• A drill (although not totally necessary, carving tools would also suffice)

• Eucalyptus branches

Simply start by drilling two little holes in the top of your pumpkin for the eucalyptus branches to stick out of. Make sure that the holes you drill are small! Next, trim your eucalyptus branches to desired height and stick them in the holes.

Finally, draw on your eyes using your Sharpie paint pen. Voila! You have adorable little Cute Face Mini Pumpkins!

Let me know if you make them, I would love to see how they turn out!



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