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The holidays are right around the corner, and if you are anything like me, you always swoon over all the gorgeous table setting images on Pinterest, but have zero idea how to execute them. This year, I decided that enough is enough, and that it can’t be that hard to set a stunning table. I enlisted Britt’s help, and together we came up with a pretty Pinterest-worthy table (if I do say so myself).

Plates, bowls and side plates from World Market

I love that home décor trends have moved towards a more casual (yet chic) modern looking table — See ya later fine china and crystal glasses! Styling a table can feel a little overwhelming when you first start … There are so many pieces that need to fit together, and it can be difficult to figure out the perfect placement. Plus, for a holiday table, it is nice to have unique and festive pieces that aren’t used on your everyday table setting.

However, it can tough to decide what pieces to get, and from where. That’s why I have put together some tips that I learned (through my own trial and error) to make it easier for you to style you holiday table…

1. Figure out exactly what you need: Instead of going overboard with serving ware, determine first what pieces you need based on your meal. I went to the store with a specific list of what I needed, and it made shopping so much easier!

2. Choose a unique color pallet: Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to go with the traditional red and green. Choose some earthy blues or greens to create a modern look for your table.

3. Layer pieces: Build your table setting up and create dimension by layering plates and bowls. We found these gorgeous wood slabs at World Market, and they were the perfect pieces to replace a traditional charger and to elevate the setting.

Round wood slabs and Paddle shaped cutting board from World Market

4. Use texture: The pieces on the table that are full of texture and depth — From the placemat and napkins, to the glasses and cutlery. Adding texture makes the table look that much more visually appealing. Mixing and matching the flatware and serving ware is also a great way to create dimension. Get creative with mixing patterns to create a more personal and unique look that reflects your own style!

5. Try something new: The great thing about shopping at stores like World Market or Home Goods, is that you can find amazing deals and try out products that aren’t necessarily your usual style. Have fun with your holiday table setting and get some pieces that you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards — You will be surprised and what you end liking!

Napkins from Coyuchi and porcelain pumpkin centerpieces from World Market

6. Decorate with foliage: Just adding a few stalks of Eucalyptus to the centerpiece made it really pop, and gave it that Pinterest-worthy look.

7. Keep the centerpiece simple: There is so much depth to the table from the textured and layered pieces that a simple centerpiece finishes the look perfectly. You don’t want to go overboard on anything, and make it difficult for your guests to actually eat!

We hope these tips help you to create a stunning table setting for your home this holiday season. We would love to see how your tables turned out!



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