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If you are anything like me, you have collected a ton of special mementos and artwork over time — From cool art pieces to meaningful photos, or even small objects or special handwritten notes. Every time I saw one of these special memories that I yet to hang, I would think to myself that it was such a shame that I had all of these neat pieces collecting dust and no idea where to display them.

I’m always seeing these gorgeous gallery walls on Pinterest, and totally love the look (especially ones that include pieces that aren’t just artwork), but have always felt like it would be hard to create a stunning collage wall myself at home. My favorite thing about a great collage wall is that you are able to mix and match a bunch of my most loved pieces in one space — Without it having to be uniform. So, I took to Pinterest to figure out how I was going to make this happen. Even though it was surprisingly easier than I thought, I did figure out some great tips for creating the perfect collage wall. First tip, ask Britt to help!

Collect pieces you love:

We always say to only furnish your home with things you love! Choose pictures, frames, art work and other pieces of décor that have special meaning to you. You want your wall to tell a story and make you feel good whenever you look at it. Hitting local flea markets or antique stores are another amazing way to find great pieces of art, frames or objects that would look amazing in your home.

Start with what you have at home:

You would be surprised at the pieces you can find collecting dust in a closet! Scout out what you already have at home, and then asses what you need to buy. Sometimes you will find a piece of art you aren’t crazy about, but it is in a killer frame. Definitely mine your own house first. Framebridge is another amazing resource. They not only frame artwork and photos, but are experts at framing objects in a creative and beautiful way.

Mix it up:

You don’t have to just have framed pictures — Mix it up with pieces that have different textures, layers and depth. I added the elk skull and macramé which really added variation, texture and dimension to the gallery wall. Also, don’t focus too hard on keeping frames and color scheme uniform … mixing up frames and objects gives your wall more of a unique vibe.

Plan your layout:

Before hanging anything, plan your layout. This can be done several different ways: The first way is to plan out your gallery on the floor using all the pieces you want to hang. Or the second option is to use paper to cut out silhouettes of the pieces you want to hang, and tape them up on the wall. This will give you the opportunity to visualize how they will look together. I did both steps to ensure there wouldn’t be any issues once I was ready to swing the hammer.

Don’t worry about perfection:

Your perfect creation will unfold if you focus on pieces that you truly love. Try not to get too wrapped up in making your wall somebody else’s Pinterest vision.

I hope that these tips help you to create the beautiful gallery wall you have been picturing. I would love to see how your turns out and hear any other tips you may have!



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