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Holiday parties are coming up fast, and that means we are constantly trying to find the perfect appetizer to serve, or bring to the party. Our go-to holiday party appetizer – or any party – has become a charcuterie board!

If you have yet to hear about a charcuterie board, it is like taking a cheese plate to an entirely new level, by adding cured meats, fruit, nuts and other accouterments. We love that you can totally customize it to fit any pallet – spicy, sweet, Italian, French, etc. And it is perfect for parties because you can adjust it to fit any dietary restrictions. Not only is it a stunning + fabulous appetizer, but it is super easy to put together. After making this appetizer many, many times, we have nailed down the most important tips to create an impressive charcuterie board.

Presentation: Presentation is key here! One of the most appealing things about this appetizer is how gorgeous it is. We suggest picking out a cute serving plate or cutting board – We went with a round marble serving platter from World Market. To style your serving plate, remember that the fuller the better! To get as much as you can on, try rolling or folding the meats and stacking the other accouterments up for a nice over- filled look. Lastly, complete your dish with a garnish like basil, fresh mint or a leafy green.

Meats: Use a variety of at least 3 meats. We opted for thinly sliced pepperoni, salami and capicola, but you can choose whatever pleases your pallet or fits your guests’ taste – We like try to have at least one meat that is spicy like peppered salami or capicola.

Cheese: Choose 2 or 3 different cheeses, that vary in flavor and texture — Aged, firm, crumbly or creamy. You can also swap cows milk cheese for goat milk cheese or even nut cheese!

Bread / Crackers: Choose a bread, cracker or chip that is sturdy enough to layer on.

Accouterments: Choose some fun sides like artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives or pickles to add depth and flavor to the plate. You can also include small ramekins with grainy mustard or flavored oils for some extra flavor.

Fill The Gaps: Your last and final step is an important one for the presentation ... Make sure there are no visible spaces left on the plate! We love filling in the plate gaps with fruit like grapes and apples, and with nuts (almonds are always a good choice).

We hope that these tips help with your holiday appetizers! Let us know if you make a charcuterie board, and how it turned out.


Britt & Cyn

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