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This year Steely got so excited to bring little Valentine's Day treats to her friends at school! Instead of buying generic cards or candies to bring for the special day, we decided it would be really fun and unique for her to make her own Valentine's Day gifts. Plus, selfishly I love getting to craft and do a holiday-themed DIY project.

We decided to make these adorable fruit loop heart necklaces! These are a super cute variation of the traditional candy necklaces, but with way less sugar. We had so much fun crafting these … And eating them too!

For the easy instructions, check out our video below (which also has two other great ideas for Valentine’s Day teacher gifts), or keep reading …

To make this fruit loop heart necklace you will only need: Fruit Loops (or a variation of them), pipe cleaner and yarn.

To make them: Start by weaving fruit loops on to the pipe cleaner, so that the pipe cleaner only has about ½ of an inch of space left at both the ends. Then, take the ends and connect them together by twisting them. Next, form the (now round) pipe cleaner into a heart shape. Last, tie the yarn on to the center of the heart … and that is it! So simple, but such a fun way to create a personal Valentine’s Day treat.

We hope you and your kids love making these as much as we did!



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