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We’re doing a home renovation y’all!

My husband Adam and I are so excited to share the milestones of our home renovation with our Sweet Life community. Luckily, Adam is a real estate broker-associate for Pacific Union in the Palo Alto, California and he has experience with home remodels. Cyn and I have a great eye for home decor. So together, the three of us, will be sharing our home renovation and decor tips, in a series of blogs and YouTube videos.

Tip 1: Create your overall look. We love Pinterest to help us research renovation and decor ideas. Here we collect all of our home renovation ideas in one place. Houzz is also a great place for inspiration, collecting ideas and purchasing items too!

Tip 2: Having trouble deciding which design style you like best or where to start first? Design the look for the room most often used in your home. For most people that's the kitchen. From there, you can use the kitchen as your inspiration for the rest of your home.

Tip 3: Work from the floor up! Decide on your floors first (similar to putting together an outfit..choose your shoes first). Then move your way up to kitchen cabinets, then move to your countertop, and let your cabinets inspire the look and color of your countertops and backsplash. Next move to your fixtures. Let the countertops and backsplash inspire your selection of faucets, kitchen sink, knobs, and pulls.. Finally you've reached the ceiling and your lighting fixtures. Allow your faucets, pulls and knobs to guide you in your choice of lighting pendants, flush-mounts, etc..

Watch the Part 1 Video below for more detailed explanation on our home renovation tips. Hope you enjoy! Let's get to remodeling ya’ll.

Email us your renovation tips, before and after photos or any renovation questions you may have. We love to hear from you!


Britt + (Cyn + Adam)

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