My husband, Adam, and I are currently 'knee-deep' in our own home renovation. Adam’s a seasoned real estate broker at Pacific Union (soon to be Compass) and has done many renovations for his clients. So needless to say, we have many home renovation tips we’d love to share with you.

In preparation for planning your next home renovation, we suggest you first get acquainted with the 3 most popular types of home renovations. This way you can be clear on which type of home renovation you’d like to pursue.

Tip #1:

First ask yourself, “What’s my goal for renovating?”

Is it to make money quickly, grow my existing investment and live more comfortably or build my dream home. In other words, do you want to “Flip, remodel, or build your dream home?”

A flip is when you buy a home to renovate and then immediately sell it for a profit.

A remodel can be big or small. The goals may vary from updating kitchen or installing new floors.

“Building your dream home” is creating the home that fits your specific needs and personality, with less concern for its resale value.

Tip #2:

Which type of renovation is realistic for my budget and me? (E.g. what can I afford)? Be clear on your goal. Shifting from your dream home to a flip could be very costly both in time and money.

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We hope these tips were helpful with approaching your next home renovation. Now get to renovating!!!



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