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We're excited to share with our readers creative essential oil gift ideas for the Holidays!!!

As we all know the Holidays are around the corner and we have friends, in-laws, and teacher gifts to buy. So, why not get thrifty, express your creativity, and make something they can use.

That's why I had my best friend Brittany Hinderer from oils_and_aloha stop by.

She taught us how to get super creative with our essentials oils.

We had so much fun making these easy to make Lavender bath salts...even my 5 year old daughter Steely hopped in to join the fun.

We also, enjoyed learning how to make Essential Oil Spray... it's so versatile. Not only does it smell incredible, it disinfects germs in the air, and it's a great natural hand sanitizer as well.

Don't forget to head over to our You Tube channel and watch us make these adorable essential oil gifts!!

Lavender Bath Salt Recipe:

4 ounce jar

1 cup of Epson Salt

6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (for super sensitive skin cut oil drops in half) or double if you like a strong fragrance

1 tablespoon of Lavender and stir

Essential Oil Spray Recipe:

2 ounce spray bottle

1/4 teaspoon of table salt (put salt in first before water)

10 drops of Thieves Essential Oil and fill rest with water

We hope this was helpful on planning for the Holidays!!!



A big thanks to Brittany Hinderer for her knowledge and creativity .

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