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Why High Waisted and Wide-Leg Jeans are a must have this season.

I can't tell you how much I love the high waisted and wide-leg jean look this year.

Britt and I find them a necessity in our wardrobe. We believe they transform your physique and are on trend this season.

As for transforming your physique, the high waisted jean hides “the muffin top” aka the section around your waist that a lot of women carry a little extra love and tucks everything in. Personally, I have an extra few rolls after having three kids, so the high waisted jean pulls and tucks in the right places and it definitely makes me feel sexier. And even if you haven't had kids, the high waisted jeans will be your next best friend, disguising and softening any lumps.

It’s a snap with a pair of these babies!

Another reason to be obsessed with the high waisted jeans is the allusion they cast. This type of jean makes your legs appear much longer... super model long.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But, honestly it does make a big difference!

If you're like Britt and I who carrie most of our height in our torso and less in our legs, the high waisted /wide-leg cropped jean makes it possible to wear a cute pair of tennis shoes and still have the appearance of long legs. Plus your pants won't drag on the ground which is usually the the case for us.

Or if you're feeling sassy and bold you can do what Britt's does and wear high waisted wide-leg jeans with a pair of heals for a more dramatic look.

Let's not forget about a good pair of skinny's, though. However, I’m picky and only sport a high waisted skinny like the Trave jeans below. These paired with a rocker t-shirt, a pair of slides or some high tops make for a great outfit day or night.

Here are a few of our favorite jeans we think you'll love.

We hope you enjoyed our fashion tips and look forward to hearing from you.



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