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Sweet Home Renovation Part 5: Trending Tile Design

My favorite part of any home renovation is researching and choosing tiles designs that pop! Tiles can really give your home a unique style and personality. With so many tiles and tile designs to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Cyn and I have a few hot tile trends that we used for our home renovation that may help inspire you and narrow in on the perfect tile design for your next home renovation.

Here are our favorite tile design trends -

Cement Tiles:

Cement tiles are very on trend, with so many fun patterns to choose from, you will be sure to make a statement with these tiles. We suggest letting your cement tiles be the focal point of the room. Choose a fun pattern and then build your room around the floors. Remember when you design your room, always work from the ground up. I like to think of it as how you may get dressed for the day. Choose your statement shoes and then choose pants that go with your shoes and then a top that goes with your pants. Work from the ground up to create your perfectly designed room.

Cement tiles can be a bit challenging to install. We don't recommend making this a DIY project. We recommend hiring a highly skilled tile installer for this job. It will be well worth it.

Check out @cementtileshop for great cement tile options.

Geometric Tiles:

If you're looking to create a modern design for your next home renovation, we suggest choosing one of the many geometric shapes. We decided to use the rhombus-shaped tile to help develop a contemporary look for the kitchen. If you'd like your geometric design to make a bold statement choose a grout that has some contrast to your tile color. Meaning if you have white geometric tile as we have in our kitchen, we decided to use a light gray grout, as opposed to white, to help our tiles pop. For a more subtle look, match the grout to the color of the tile. We found our rhombus tile at @homedepot.

Floor-to-Wall Tile:

Floor to wall tile design can create a dramatic effect in your bathroom. It can also create an illusion that your bathroom appears more spacious than it actually is, depending on which wall you run the tile up.

Two fun ways we created the "floor to wall" tile design was with the use of a dark and bold pattern in our petite size powder room. It helped transform a basic bathroom into a great conversation piece.

We suggest when using the "floor to wall" design in a larger space to use a more subtle tile color or pattern, as not to overpower the room.

In our master bath, we did just this, we went with a more subtle light grey, multi-colored, hexagon tile for our "floor to wall" design. And we chose a matching grout for a more subtle look. Our hexagon tile is from @porcelanosa.

Bold Pattern Tiles:

Bold patterns might be a nice choice for a powder room, kids bathroom, or guest bathroom. We chose to make a bright, bold pattern in our guest bath that one day may double as our child's bathroom. We wanted to keep in mind to design our guest bath/child's bath to feel playful but mature enough for future guests. The bold pattern on the floor is the focal point, so it was important we kept the surrounding walls subtle, as to not compete with our bold design on the floor. The elongated hexagon tile created a nice texture to the walls, and we used matching the grout to create a more subtle look.

Check out more of our home renovation on our Youtube video.

We hope these tile design trends helped inspire and motivate you to get started on your home renovation. Remember there's no right way to design your home, if you ever find yourself stumped, just go with what you love.



Sweet Collection xo by Brittany + Cynthia Daniel

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