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Top Summer Reads: Books that Will Leave You Empowered

Hey ya'll, I'm excited to share some great summer reads with you! I don't know about you but, I'm often drawn to books that inspire, empower, or even heal a part of me. And if you can entertain me while doing that, then sign me up. Here are a few of my top summer reads that I feel confident will leave you feeling empowered.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis:

Girl, Stop Apologizing is a follow up to Girl Wash Your Face, (which I loved and highly recommend). I'm a Pisces, dreamer, which means I usually have several goals that I'm focused on at once. This can leave me feeling overwhelmed and not very productive. With great humor, Rachel shares a straightforward and helpful goal mapping method she's named"10-10-1". I've applied her goal mapping method in my life and quickly saw a shift in my focus and productivity.

Love Worth Making:

How To Have Ridiculously Great Sex In A Long Lasting Relationship by Dr. Steven Snyder

This book is much more than your typical sex book on hot new sex positions or how to create a kinkier sex life. All of that is great, but as Dr. Snyder reminds us, those things can sometimes just be a "quick fix". This book shares tools to help recognize blocks you may have, build a more intimate relationship, and create a sacred sex life that's enjoyable and sustainable. "How to be Loved" has had a deep impact on my husband and my relationship and sex life.

How To Be Loved by Eva Hagberg Fisher:

How To Be Loved really hit home for me. This is a story of friendship, survival, and learning how to be loved for the first time. It's about a friendship that saved a woman's life and taught her how to accept help. This book reminded me of the importance to never muscle through adversity alone. And as women, we must lean on one another and face life together.

I hope you'll find a few empowering nuggets of wisdom from my favorite summer reads. If you're on the go like me and would rather listen to a book in the car or while working out, you can find all the books above on Audible.



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