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10 Ways To Be A Better Friend

My life is filled with so many commitments varying from school events to my husbands work parties and my own work events. I have 4 dogs, a horse, 3 kids, and my husband that all need my love and attention. With this being said, it can be tough to keep my friendships on the forefront. I'm sure many of you can relate and have similar struggles, so I thought it would be helpful to share some of what I've learned and practiced to become a better friend.

And don't get me wrong, I've fallen into the sucky friend category at least a few times ... forgetting birthdays, being a moody bitch, and taking way to long to call a friend back. But we're all a work in progress and, with a few helpful tips and reminders, we'll be back on track in no time.

Face to Face Communication

Unfortunately, this day and age, most of our communication are via text or by cell phone. But I think making an effort to give your friend the eye contact they need and a hand to hold is much more effective. Nothing's better than witnessing your friend's tears roll down her face from a good laugh, sharing a warm smile, or a much -needed hug can go along way with your friendships. So next time your thinking of just calling your friend, try and set aside time to meet in person.

Be a Mindful Listener

Remind yourself to be a good listener and avoid interrupting. It's so easy to turn the conversation around and make it about yourself or someone else. Try and keep the attention and focus on your friend.

Be vulnerable

Willing to be vulnerable is an incredible way to create a closer bond. It's so easy to keep it at a surface level, but having a deep connection with a friend is a great way to de-stress and strengthen your friendship.

Trust is Everything

My family knows trust is vital to me. I always want my friends to know " I'm a vault," and their secret is safe with me. If you wish your friends to open up, then trust is everything. Stop and think is it worth losing your friends trust over sharing her secret?

Write a Friend a Letter

My sister's husband Adam has grown accustomed to writing letters to his friends and, the effects have been a deeper connection and overall gratitude of their friendship.


Friendships are similar to our relationships with our partners. We forget to remind them of the incredible attributes they have. I assume my husband knows how grateful I am for his enormous love and support he gives me, but I'm always shocked when he shares just how thankful and relieved he is that I feel that way. Same goes for my friends... A quick reminder that you couldn't do life without them means so much.

Show them what they might not see

I see so many little things in my friends that are so very special. I believe we all see ourselves as 1 dimensional at times, but I think as friends, we need to inspire each other to see all the many beautiful gifts we offer the world. Tell them all the badass qualities that need to be shared and expressed. It's easy to limit our view of our full capacity. We as, friends can show each other what we might not ever see in ourselves.

Be a Low Maintenance Friend

My favorite friends are the ones I don't need to impress and just love me for me…messy hair and all. Nothing stresses me out more than a friend who appears perfect in all areas of life. I need friends who can come sit on my unmade bed and not mind my stinky dish filled sink. Don't get me wrong I still try to scurry around and do the best job to tidy up before a friend stops by. Sometimes you just have to let it go and having friends that remind me of that is so refreshing.

Plan a Girls Getaway

Ok, I know most of us are super busy with work and life, but can't we make it happen even for a night or 2? Take your friend away for the night, make all the plans, and help them get out of town if that means finding sitters or extra help they might need.

Give Your Friend a Hand

I was desperate to get out of town with my husband, and none of my sitters were available. Luckily, my friend stepped up and took care of my little buggers for 2 days. My heart's still filled with love and appreciation from her selfless act of kindness. This might seem too much for some, but even running a pretty dress over to a friends house to borrow is enough.

Love on your friends as much as you can, but don't make yourself feel bad if you stumble because we all do. We're all on this journey of becoming our best self.

I hope this helps inspire you to feed your friendships and in return, feeds your sweet soul.



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