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Top Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: Tips from Esthetician Terrie Absher from Total Glow Wellness and Med

I'm excited to introduce you to Terrie Absher, founder and managing director of my new favorite skincare spa Total Glow Wellness and Medical Spa. She is my personal esthetician in Menlo Park-Atherton, California, and has introduced my skin to some unique and progressive skincare treatments. After a session with Terrie, my skin is not only rejuvenated and glowing, but I come away with an excellent education on skincare. Terrie will share with you top anti-aging skincare treatments and products that I'm currently using and are loving. I hope you enjoy all of her helpful tips!


With over 16 years of experience, I started Total Glow because I saw the need for a clinical skincare practice with a strong wellness aspect. My passion for really understanding the skin from inside out motivated me.

Spa facials are more for relaxation rather than long term benefits. But the clinical facials at Total Glow are developed with true attention to underlying concerns and the whole body holistic approach.

My childhood was centered on Eastern traditions growing up in Okinawa and Korean. My Korean mother introduced not just holistic practices but also the importance of skincare in my preteen years. I supplemented the practices from my heritage by attending education at an Ayurveda school for further training in the Wellness tradition.

Here are a few of our favorite skincare treatments.


Hydrafacial MD facial treatments are taking off across the Country. The Hydrafacial is a unique patented vortex technology that gently exfoliates, and painlessly extracts. No more painful manual extractions. You may also utilize targeted boosters and finish with infusing hydration and antioxidants into the skin. It requires no downtime, safe for all skin types, and doesn't create inflammation or breakouts. This is the perfect go-to for an all in one device. It is so gentle, you could get it weekly, but you won't need it that often. The beauty of the Hydrafacial is you can see your own waste from a session. So if you aren't squeamish, ask your esthetician to see the container after your Hydrafacial – there will be lots of plugs floating in the mix. Gross, but kind of amazing!


Another top trending treatment is Dermaplaning we offer at Medical Spas. This treatment removes the vellus hair, which are the fine hairs on your face. A sterile surgical blade is used to remove the hair and exfoliate the skin gently. Targeting boosters, potent antioxidants, and growth factors can be infused into the skin after Dermaplaning for added penetration and pop. It is a must-have if you wear foundation. Your makeup will glide on your skin, and it will look like glass. Who doesn't want that?

Omnilux LED Therapy:

At Toal Glow, we are firm believers in the Omnilux LED Therapy. Omnilux uses Red, Blue, and Clear Infrared Light. This treatment helps stimulate specific cells within the body – resulting in a reduction in wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, general dyschromia of the skin, and acne lesions. We especially love that it enhances product penetration into the skin. We recommend using targeted boosters for skincare concerns before the Omnilux.


Environ is the best Medical Skincare line in the US, as of June 2019. This skincare line was developed by a Plastic Surgeon in South Africa initially to prevent skin cancer. It prevents depletion of Vitamin A in the skin and reverses photodamage from our childhood and heals uneven skin tone, laxity, texture, and rosacea. Sensitive skin and acne will also feel the calming attributes of this line. It not only feels fantastic on your skin but is the most progressive and intensive topical vitamin therapy available. I highly recommend Revival Masque, literally this facelift In a jar. It makes a believer out of even the most jaded people. You will see an immediate difference in smoothness and firmness.

I think facial oil is a must-have, and the explosion of producers of facial oils shows the demand. Our skin really likes oil, and I consider it the best addition after products right before makeup. It can dramatically impact how smooth and fresh makeup appears. There is a lot of misconceptions that if your skin is oily, you shouldn't use oil. Facial oils can target specific types of skin and skin concerns while imparting a beautiful added glow. At my spa, we make our facial serums by combining Korean and Ayurveda practices while using variations of oil that help manage oily skin.

I recommend using targeted boosters during the Hydrafacial. Brightalive brightens the skin after the Hydrafacial, Rozatrol soothes the redness and our new favorite, Alastin TriHex Booster plumps and smooths away lines.

I hope my skincare treatment recommendations help to illuminate your beautiful skin. If you're in Northern California, please visit us at Total Glow Wellness and Medical Spa.


Terrie Absher

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