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How To Have A Sun Kissed Glow In Every Season.

Who says you can't have a sun kissed glow in the fall. I don't know about you, but I love a hint of color all year long. For most of us our summer glow is fading away, but don't worry I have some great self-tanners that can do the trick.

Here are my top 5 self-tanners to help keep that summer glow.

1.Tan-Luxe The Face is what I've been using most recently on my face for a nice subtle tan. My girlfriend introduced it to me and I'm hooked. I love you just add a couple of drops to your face cream and apply in seconds. Plus it smells really nice.

2. Isle of Paradise Pre-Spray will help your self-tanner last longer.

3. Self-Tanner Oil Drops are flying off the shelf.

4.Tan Towel cuts down on the mess.

5. ST. Tropez Self Tan Express Mist tans in 1 hour.

Remember to exfoliate and then applying a dab of lotion on rough patches before applying self-tanning cream.

Enjoy your year around tan !!!



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