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Sweet Book Club: Empowering Memoirs

Part of my self-care includes listening to books that inspire, uplift, and make me laugh. I personally like to listen to my books on Audible while unwinding at home with my husband, driving in my car, on a flight, or working out.

This month I’ve been reading empowering and hilarious books by women, with the exception of one amazing gay man Johnathan Van Ness, from the tv show Queer Eye.

The Girl With A Lower Back Tattoo: Amy Schumer

The Girl With A Lower Back Tattoo covers Amy Schumer’s rise to fame as a stand-up comedian, her troubled relationship with her mom, her dad’s multiple sclerosis, while also addressing subjects like sexual assault, gun violence, and domestic violence. She wonderfully honors the seriousness of these subjects while still finding a way to deliver it with compassion and her trademark humor.

Over The Top: A Raw Journey To Self Love

Over The Top is authored by the hilarious Johnathan Van Ness from the hit reality tv show Queer Eye. Johnathan is raw, honest, and humorous in his approach to sharing his journey of growing up gay in the midwest, overcoming judgment, addiction, trauma, and becoming HIV positive. This book uncovers the pain and passion it took to end up becoming the model of self-love and acceptance that Johnathan is today. This is an inspiring and entertaining read.

Life Will Be The Death Of Me: By Chelsea Handler

In Life Will Be The Death Of Me, Chelsea Handler invites us along her journey of self-discovery through her appointments with her therapist, an Ayahuasca ceremony, and her special relationship with 4 Chow Chows. She faces her privileged lifestyle head-on in hopes of learning what really matters in her own life, in all of our lives. This book is honest, perceptive, and deeply, darkly funny.

I hope you all find these books to be relatable, entertaining, and empowering. Cyn and I would love to hear what empowering books you’re reading.



Sweet Collection xo By Brittany + Cynthia Daniel

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