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Lymphatic Treatment: New Ways To Improve Your Health and Beauty

I've heard so much about the benefits of keeping your lymphatic system healthy. It inspired me to learn more about exactly how it could improve my overall health.

I've learned the lymphatic system is in charge of pushing excessive fluid through the body, which helps eliminate toxins, supports the immune system and digestive health. If there's a blockage, the toxins can buildup causing bloating, inflammation, dull skin, low energy and can lead to health problems.

Signs of lymphatic dysfunction are:

Swollen ankles

Cellulite (lumpy fat deposits)

Brain fog

Painful and hard swellings in neck, armpits, groin area



Mucus and phlegm production

Bloated stomach or extremities

Stiff or sore joints

Constant sweating

Excessive sinus infections


Chronic headaches

The good news is their many ways you can improve your lymphatic system.

Here are a few treatments I've researched and tried.

Ballancer Pro

The Ballancer Pro is a Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage, FDA approved body contouring system offered exclusively a Total Glow in Menlo Park, Ca, just outside of San Francisco. It's a safe, gentle preventative, and immediately gratifying treatment. Ballancer Pro has been used for over 40 years Globally in hospitals and is now available in the U.S. It's a great way to detox, release fluid retention from travel, and feel more energetic. No downtime, no recovery, and trust me, it feels incredible as if several people are giving you a massage at once! No Side effects.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized massage that assists the lymphatic system in maintaining the body's fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms.

Aline, the owner of Aline Ferraz Skin Camouflage & Body Care used quick massage movements and a unique suction device that worked magic on my body. I not only felt great, but my body looked more sculpted and less bloated. They also offer a Lymphatic Facial which is next on my list.

Dry brushing daily before showering is another excellent way to activate your lymphatic system. I dry brush in upward strokes in the direction of my heart to help exfoliate and improve my lymphatic system. But if you're a busy momma like me, you may want to explore a few of the other treatments that are less time-consuming.

Inversion Table not only helps give your joints a break and realigns your body, but also helps keep your lymphatic system flowing correctly.

Lemon Water

Water with a squeeze of lemon is a simple way to promote a healthy lymphatic system. Plus, your skin will thank you as well.

Yoga has many positions like downward dog, headstands, handstands against the wall, and side twists, which supports detoxification.

I hope this encourages you to see the importance of your lymphatic system.



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