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Kitchen Organization: How To Get Prepare For The Holidays

The Holidays are right around the corner and our cupboards probably aren't gonna organize themselves, so I reached out to organizer Jacqueline Pinson of The Sorted Details to write a blog on tips to achieve an organized kitchen.



Are you ready for the Holidays?

If you know me, you know I have a bit of a "love/have" relationship with the holidays...that's putting it too's more like a "love/desire-to-postpone" relationship.

I love friends, and family, and food, and I love a good reason to celebrate, but I rarely feel Ready because I want everything to go beautifully and run as smoothly as possible. I don't want it to be stressful because it's supposed to be FUN, darn-it!

So how does a Professional Organizer calm her holiday qualms?

By getting things in order, of course!

We all know the top three reasons to get organized, right?

-Save time

-Save energy

-Save money

But do you know the other benefits? According to Elaine Fernando of Organized Transitions

(read her brilliant article HERE) getting yourself sorted can also include the following desirable results:

-Save brainpower

-Socialize more

-Be more focused

-Feel more confident

-Eliminate stress

I want/need ALL of that going into the holidays!


Take a quick gander at the images above and see if you can feel it...cover the "after" and look at the " before". Does your chest get tighter? MINE DOES!

Cover the "before" and just take in the "after".

Does tranquil music start playing in your mind? ME TOO!!!

So that's why I do what I do!

Pro tips to calm your kitchen:

Turntables will help you make the most of your space - if you have deep cabinets or a corner cabinet, or you want to store small bottles/jars like spices on a shelf, get yourself a Lazy Susan or two. Otherwise, all the items towards the back will get forgotten and slowly expire.

Stackable cabinets shelf racks can double your storage - you don't have to simply accept the space you've been given! Go UP! Shelf racks are very inexpensive and can double the amount of room you've got for jars and cans that have a big footprint but not much height.

Decanting jars - bags of grains and flour and sugar are lumpy and had to store. They can also end up with unwanted insect invaders! Empty those dry goods into jars (stackable mason jars are my favorite) and then label the jars, so you remember what's in them.

Put things near where you use them - sounds simple, but so many people store their dishes far away from the dishwasher where they unloaded them or keep their whisks in a drawer ten feet from the stove! Really think through where you use the items in your kitchen and store them nearby for quick and easy access.

Hire a pro to help you see the possibilities - a Professional Organizer can definitely come in handy when it comes to getting your kitchen to the best version of itself. We can help you determine an optimal set-up and offer new ideas about storage, systems, and space-saving! Don't hesitate to ask for help!

Let me help you hear more tranquil mind music.

Happy Peaceful Holidays!


Jacqueline Pinson

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