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Sweet Practice: 30 Day Self Care Challenge

A friend once told me, "Britt, you can't kill the goose that lays the golden egg." I must take care of myself first so I can then be there for others. I found that message burning in my soul at the end of last year. Due to unexpected and challenging life events, I abandoned my self-care. I soon became stressed, anxious, disconnected from my body, and my inner voice. I was in a low place.

In 2020 I decided I would carve out time every morning for new self-care practice. I've learned that if I don't take care of myself in the morning, then work, family or life commitments would take precedence. But it can be challenging to stick to a new practice. I've read if you commit to doing something every day for 30 days, then a new habit is formed.

With the help of my husband Adam, we created a 30-day self-care practice challenge for 2020. I hope our practice sparks ideas to help create your daily practice.

2020 Daily Practice:

1.Wake up 1 hour early

2. Yoga 20 minutes

3. Meditation 10-20 minutes

4. Exercise 30 minutes

Our daily practice of yoga, meditation, and exercise is already having a grounding and loving impact in my life. Of course, self-care is very personal and specific to all of us. The most helpful thing I've found is to first carve out the time for yourself, see what nourishes your spirit, and do your best to schedule all other commitments around that time. I invite you to join me in creating a new habit of self-care in 2020, so we can continue to lay those beautiful golden eggs.

We'd love to hear about your daily self-care practices and how your 30-day self-care challenge is going. Love you!



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