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Is it just me, or is Nashville really having a moment right now? Everyone I talk to lately has either been there, or has added Nashville to their travel wish-list. Recently, Britt and I were lucky enough to head to this vibrant city for work — But, we only had 24 hours of free time. Getting a taste of Nashville in 24 hours is a difficult task, but we were up to the challenge! Our brief visit made it clear why this city is becoming such a popular spot to visit and live!

First, we arrived at our bed and breakfast, Urban Cowboy — an intimate and adorable boutique hotel with special touches everywhere. The hotel staff was amazing and even greeted us with a welcome shot of Tennessee whiskey. Now I’ve seen champagne greetings plenty of times, but the whiskey immediately made the experience authentic (and gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling!). The girl working at reception had this awesome lavender hair, cool southern style, and most importantly, was extremely friendly — With just our first impression, we immediately knew we weren’t in Los Angeles anymore! Opening the door to our room was an experience in and of itself. Each nook and cranny of the décor offered something special, causing me to immediately pull out my camera and have some fun! The wall paper was gorgeous and super unique, the bath tub had gold plating, decorative cow skulls filled the wall (you know Britt and I love those), and there were fresh Pendleton towels hanging. It was seriously straight out of some cool southern magazine spread!

Since we did not have much time, we kept to our corner of town and headed downstairs to The Public House, a restaurant owned by the hotel and tucked right behind it. We were blown away by the beautiful setting, and again, that southern hospitality and charm from the staff. We couldn’t get enough of how kind and accommodating everyone was! The outdoor seating was perfect — Complete with a decorative airstream, fire pits, and twinkle lights. It was like a glamorous patio you would find in Los Angeles, but with a hip, cowboy style, and infused southern charm. Britt and I went for it and indulged in roasted southern chicken and Moscow mules.

One of the best parts of the Public House is ‘Amazing Jetski’ who is the D.O.V or, Director of Vibes. And yes, his job is exactly what it sounds like, making sure vibes are good for all their guests. A modern-day concierge, if you will. Britt and I took his recommendation of heading over to two different bars on the main strip that night, because we obviously had to taste Nashville’s nightlife that we’ve been hearing so much about.

Our first stop was The Crying Wolf which is owned by a couple covered in tattoos and who couldn’t have been more welcoming. There were these amazing murals all over the walls, along with wolf taxidermy to gaze at while sipping your cocktail on their cozy seating. They played awesome music, and they had a photo booth which was such a cute touch.

Amazing Jetski knew we wanted the honky-tonk bar experience (but without all the tourists), so he told us to hit up Robert’s Western World on the main strip, Broadway. We had a blast. The band was out of this world, and the setting is exactly what you picture: dive bar, dance floor and pictures on the walls of all of the famous musicians throughout history that have graced their stage. My personal highlight was a white-haired man with a missing tooth who pulled me on the dance floor. Hey, when in Nashville…

The next day, we only had a little time left for some shopping and lunch, so we walked across the street to Lockeland Table after hearing about their wood fired pizzas. Talk about mouth-watering! Britt and I don’t indulge in pizza often, but if all pizza tasted like these, we’d probably be eating it daily. The aesthetic of the brick walls and outdoor patio made for the perfect sendoff meal.

Shopping options in Nashville have grown immensely as droves of people have moved there, so we had to pick and choose only a couple shops because that is all we had time for. First, we went to Good Buy Girls vintage store and then we hit Hip Zipper. They were both great, but I really wish we had time to go to Highclass Hillbilly. We had heard it was slightly overpriced, but I think that’s because the owner chooses the best pieces, so you as a consumer don’t have to go on such a vintage hunt. Regardless, we got a taste of Nashville shopping and we both were able to snag some cowboy hats! A Nashville must.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, a weekend away with your partner or just looking for a fun new place to go, I encourage you to try Nashville. With its extensive music history, restaurants fit for a foodie and southern charm, I guarantee this town will find its way into your heart. Britt and I cannot wait to go back (this time for more than 24 hours)!

Have you been to Nashville, tag #TheSweetLife so I can see photos of your favorite spots!



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