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Ways to shift Negative Energy

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to you all about how to identify the difference between negative and positive energy in your life. If you missed it, definitely go back and have a look! This week, I’m here to talk to you about how to shift negative energy once you have identified it! There are many ways to shift negative energy once you have identified it. Listed below are some of the techniques and intentions I use and share with clients.

Sometimes you’ll only need to use one of these techniques, other times you will need a combination. I suggest you explore, have fun trying them out and see which ones resonates with you the most.


The fire element is both creative and destructive depending on how it is use. I like to look at it as a tool for clearing negative energy and creating space for new positive energy to flow in. Here is how you can use it ….

1. Sun – Take a moment allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun on your face or your body. Let this feeling expand and deepen into you. Visualize that the sun’s warmth is melting your mind, body and heart and with it the negative thoughts, emotions and any tightness in the body gently evaporates up into the sky and releases.

2. Sage Smudging – Burning sage is a method used by many cultures to clear negative energy. It cleanses, purifies, protects our body, mind & spirit as well as our space (home, offices, etc..). When I feel stuck, I like to burn sage for about 10 minutes while waving it around myself, my home or a client’s space, repeating the words ‘clear, cleanse, heal & protect’ as I do this. Visualizing the smoke capturing and lifting away the negative energy.

All photos by Cynthia Daniel, Five Arrows Photography


The easiest way to shift negative energy is to use your breath. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing STOP and just take a moment for you (may wish to close your eyes).

1. Place one hand on your belly another on your chest.

2. INHALE a DEEP replenishing BREATH from your feet up into your belly & chest and hold it there for a few seconds.

3. Whilst holding the breath, imagine it spinning around like a washing machine picking up all the negative energy in and around your body.

4. Then EXHALE the breath releasing whatever you were carrying

5. Repeat at least 3 times.


Not only do we use water to clean our bodies, we are made up of 70% water that is used to support our bodies and excrete waste. It’s a great natural element to clear negative energies daily as we use water every day.

1. Drinking Water - Fill a glass up with water, then imagine the glass of water filling up with white light and words like LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, PEACE, then drink the glass of water with the intention to clear, cleanse, purify and recharge. I use this approach when I am away from my home and need a quick recharge.

2. Epsom Salt - Epsom salt baths are my favorite way to cleanse and recharge myself, and it’s been used for centuries for detoxification and relaxation. I like to light candles and use a mixture of essential oils like lavender, neroli, and rose. I ask the water to cleanse me, draw out negative energies and fill me up with LOVE, PEACE & SERENITY

3. Ocean – Dip your toes or your full body into the ocean. Visualize the waves of the ocean drawing out the negative energies, releasing the tension in your body & mind. As you listen to the sound of the waves close your eyes and imagine that sound coming from your heart and it pumps through your body relaxing and calming it.


The more grounded we are, the better we can recognize and manage our energy.

1. Mother Nature – Sometimes all we have to do is a take a walk in nature to shift our energy. I like to imagine that as I take each step I leave behind my worries, negative thoughts, people, etc. Then I like to stop, stand still and imagine my feet sinking into the ground and then breathing up through my feet as I do that my body mind and heart is nourished.

2. Tree – I love to touch and hug trees, it’s very grounding and nurturing. When I am short of time I will touch a tree, and ask it to take away these negative thoughts and feelings and fill me up with positive thoughts and feelings, then end with a Thank you. Tree are beautiful transformers as it absorbs carbon dioxide and release oxygen back.

3. Crystals – My favorite crystal for clearing negative energy is Amethyst, I like to hold this crystal in my hand or put in the middle of my chest and breath – using my breath to release whatever I don’t need to hold onto.

Warm wishes and love, Depika xxx


Depika Mistry is the CEO & Founder of AnouMe; a UK base management consulting, coaching and healing business. She is a catalyst for energetic transformation guiding individuals, families & organizations worldwide in shifting their energy and aligning it withtheir mind, body & heart from the inside out.

Depika has over 15 years of management consulting experience delivering business, technology and regulatory transformation for corporate organizations. She is well known as an advisor to corporate execs, helping them to shape their businesses, navigate & resolve conflict/political situations, influence and align senior stakeholders, offering intuitive insights and practical solutions.

She is a qualified Reiki Master teacher & practitioner and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) master practitioner. She works with private clients, couples and children and is known for creating great energetic shifts within people, connecting them with their hidden gifts, removing blockages and transforming the way they see themselves and the world around them.

Depika is a warm fun loving intuitive being, full of insights, practical wisdom and can effortlessly dance between the logical physical world and the more mystical metaphysical world integrating them in the process.

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