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(Photo credit Kris Labang)

For more on our honeymoon, check out our People Magazine coverage!

I’m a seasoned traveler, so when it came to my honeymoon, I wanted to make sure our trip had all of the elements of a wonderful vacation: relaxation, adventure, luxury, and gourmet food and drinks. Adam and I decided on Oahu, Hawaii because I had never been, and Adam has been going since he was a kid and it has always been a special place for him. We loved that Oahu offers a nice mix of Hawaiian tropics and city life with some shopping and nightlife in Waikiki.

Here is the good news: it was the perfect trip! We made a few day trips into Waikiki to enjoy the city life and visit Adam’s favorite restaurant, Allen Wong’s (also Obama’s favorite spot), and spent the rest of our time in Kapolei where we had the most unforgettable stay at The Four Seasons Oahu. Opening just one year ago, this hotel has perfected its five-star experience for guests in every aspect. Cyn and I are big fans of the Four Seasons, especially after our 40th birthday celebration at The Four Seasons Punta Mita, so it was natural for Adam and I to stay at one of our favorite hotel chains.

(Photo credit The Four Seasons)

Our stay blew us away. Their honeymoon package included everything we dreamed of and more! From the moment we arrived in this perfect oasis, we both had this wave of pure relaxation. It was like the weight of the world was off of our shoulders (and it kind of was, we had just finished planning a wedding)!

The staff was always a couple of steps ahead of us. Whether it was greeting us with cold towels that smelled like lemongrass, personalizing our TV with a welcome page, or cleaning our sunglasses poolside, everything was totally catered to us. A highlight was when a Mercedes-Maybach pulled up to the hotel for Adam and I to chauffeur us to a privately chartered catamaran for a sunset cruise. WOW! We were treated to amazing drinks, fresh poke, swimming and fishing off the boat — Not to mention the most magical sunset I have ever seen.

(Photo credit Greg K Champion)

(Photo credit Greg K Champion)

(Photo credit Kris Labang)

There were really cool and original activities offered to us every day, and each playful adventure sparked another layer of bonding between us. We did Hulu lessons, we made headpieces native to Hawaiian culture, we went snorkeling off the Four Seasons private beach, and boy did we lay by that adult pool. They had these mouth-watering fresh pineapple cocktails that came in a copper Moscow Mule type mug that we drank the entire stay!

(All photos below credit Kris Labang)

Today I’m so excited to share with y’all pictures to inspire you and your loved one to take a relaxing and pampering trip like we did. And I don’t just mean with your significant other. The Four Seasons stay would be an amazing vacay with a group of girlfriends too (I’m looking at you, Cyn!). If you’re planning a trip for a honeymoon, babymoon, romantic vacation or even a girl’s trip, you will not be disappointed. I mean, take a look at our pics and tell me you’re not ready to book!

What’s a honeymoon without a couples massage? This was a game changer and the perfect way to relax into our honeymoon.

This was outside of the spa where we got our couples massages. It’s a place designed for relaxing in-between spa sessions … We just laid around, drank hibiscus tea and absorbed paradise.

Whether lounging pool side or down by the private beach, getting a private cabana is the way to go for the ultimate exclusivity. It was so romantic for us!

Here is that incredible chartered cruise we took with Mana Cruises. See how the sky keeps changing? Adam and I kept looking at each other like, “Is this our life?”

Here we are taking a private Hula Kahiko (Traditional Hula) Lesson with Kumu La’akea Perry & Halau Ke Kai O Kahiki (Dancers Kaena & Maka’ala) at Pohaku Point. This was one of my favorite parts because instead of just putting us in a classroom, it was an authentic Hawaiian experience where they called us into ceremony. We witnessed the sacred practices and our amazing instructors broke down the moves very slowly. Both of us really got into it! Wedding dance off PART 2, anyone?!

The hotel was kind enough to provide us with a brand new Tesla Model X for our drive up the North Shore. I loved the vertical doors and smelling the sea air against my face as we drove up the coast

The Four Seasons has the largest infinity pool on the island, and we took full advantage of it every day. Overlooking the ocean in this giant pool made you feel on top of the world.

We snorkeled off of The Four Seasons’ private beach, and the fish and turtles we saw were endless! Both of us were taken out of our comfort zone doing this activity and we loved it.

This was a true highlight! It was a 1.5 hour tour of the island with Paradise Helicopters where we had a surprise landing on a peak overlooking the forests where they shot the Jurassic Park movies. We were both in awe of what we were seeing!

The brunch at the hotel could not have been better. With an acoustic singer strumming Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, a setting overlooking the water, while being served brightly colored exotic fruit with Belgian Waffles, we were in truly in heaven.

You don’t have to be getting married to experience something like this. Whether you’re traveling with girlfriends, your family, looking for an adventure, or a couple looking for a romantic vacation, I cannot recommend the Four Seasons Oahu enough. From the minute we got there, to the moment we (sadly) left, we were treated with a true five-star experience that both Adam and I will never forget.



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For more on our honeymoon, check out our People Magazine coverage!


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