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Every bride wants to feel her absolute best (inside and out) on her wedding day. While I was getting ready for my big day (and wanted to tone up), I turned to my good friend, The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins!

Today we wanted to share with all of you brides-to-be a new video on The Sweet Life YouTube Channel featuring our pre-wedding workout with Jeanette! She shows you exactly how she trained me (and Cyn) for my big day, and how you can easily replicate this workout yourself.

Jeanette is truly a master at her craft, and her quick workouts will definitely get you feeling your best, physically. Jeanette showed us 3 exercises that work your entire body, and get those muscles fired! Remember, you don’t need an endless amount of time, or an expensive trainer to be able to get in shape for your wedding day. Jeanette shows us that plenty of workouts (like these three), can be done at home in about 30 min.

My tip for all of you brides is to commit to training at least 30 min a day, four to five days a week, and you are sure to see results for your big day!



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