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Our beautiful friend Corie Tappin is the founder of SoulSpace Malibu, and is such an inspiration for Britt and me for self-care and health. Corie recently invited us into her beautiful studio to learn a little bit more about how she helps her clients achieve wellness, naturally. Since you couldn’t be there with us, Corie is on The Sweet Life offering her expert tips for self-care. Enjoy! XO CYN

I love your business concept! What inspired you to create SoulSpace Malibu?

I wanted to create a sanctuary where people could relax and escape the stresses of their lives. A place to heal. I really feel that modern life with all of its demands and stressors chips away at our ability to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. I wanted to create a place that I personally had never found - a place to come for healing on a physical and an energetic level.

What do you find is the number one reason people come in to SoulSpace?

Usually it’s for pain and stress relief. But people come to heal and to feel good. People know that we are here to help them, and they respond very positively. We have world class practitioners at SoulSpace of acupuncture, fascia release therapy, massage, yoga, sound healing, and meditation and mindfulness coaching. People often say they feel better just walking in the door which makes me so happy.

What would you say are some small ways that mindfulness and self-care can be realistically implemented into everyday life?

I think it’s so important to take care of yourself. Most people, especially women, are very good at taking care of others but often neglect themselves. It’s amazing how much different your day can be if you spend a little time nurturing your spirit and body.

I really believe that the key to good health is prevention. Living a healthy life and addressing issues before they set in is a good way to maintain good health. Here are some simple ideas anyone can incorporate into their busy routine:

  1. Breathing exercises - There are many types of breathing exercises. Right now I am doing “breath of fire” which is a technique from Kundalini Yoga. I also love the 'microcosmic circulation' which is where you breathe in and visualize your breath up your spine, up to the crown point at the top of your head, and down your front to your groin and then back up. You are creating a circle of energy around your body. Its very powerful.

  2. Practicing Mindfulness - What is mindfulness? At its simplest it means you are in the present moment, bringing your consciousness to where you are, what you are doing, what you are feeling. When you are brushing your hair, for example, you are thinking about what you are doing, your mind isn’t ahead thinking about something else. Once you have succeeded in doing this with small things you can apply it to everything in your life. It brings true happiness.

  3. Meditation - I try to meditate at least 5 minutes every day. I sit cross legged with my hands in prayer pose at my heart, or on my knees, close my eyes and breath deeply. When I find my mind wandering I go back to my breath. It’s an instant way to feel more peaceful.

  4. Cat Cow - This is yoga pose that is great for keeping your spine supple and also is good for your abdomen.

  5. Sun Salutations - Another basic yoga pose that is a great way to start your day. Do 5 of these upon rising and follow with Cat Cow.

  6. Dry Brushing - This is great for circulation and your lymphatic system, which is what moves fluid and toxins out of your body. Spend a few minutes dry brushing before your shower. Start at your toes and work your way up, all the motion should be towards your heart. It feels invigorating. Spend extra time around the lymph area of your breasts. Then shower and apply oil to your skin.

  7. Exercise - Many of my patients have hurt themselves doing strenuous exercise. In my opinion, people work too hard in all aspects of their lives, including pushing themselves too hard in their workouts. I think 30 minutes a day of some type of exercise that you enjoy is good for your health. And what’s important for good health is to be moving around a lot. We weren’t made to sit around for hours at a time. People spend WAY too much time on their electronic devices. Take many breaks, and get up and walk around, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stretch, bounce, skip - just move your body!!!

What does a typical day of self-care look like for you?

I usually start my day with Sun Salutations and a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. I can spend 30 minutes doing this, but if I am pressed for time I do 5-10. If I am going to be doing acupuncture on patients, I do Qi Gong to regulate my own Qi and clear my mind.

I also love sea salt baths. Soaking in a tub is a great way to relax sore muscles and leave the stress of the day behind. I always dry brush before a shower - and then at the end of my shower I stand under the cold water! Great for circulation!

Right now, I’m obsessed with skin care for anti-aging. I’m trying to keep my skin looking as good as possible without doing anything unnatural like botox and fillers, which I feel are not beneficial. I’ve been experimenting with facial cupping - I’ve added this to my weekly routine. I love face serums and do a gentle facial massage at night before bed. I’ve been using the Shiva Rose face balm which is pure ingredients and smells great, and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about my skin!

Much love,

Corie Tappin, SoulSpace Malibu

For The Sweet Life By Brittany + Cynthia Daniel

About SoulSpace Malibu: Modern life has a way of chipping away at our souls…whether it is stress from a job, finances, health concerns, relationships, children, traumatic events or maybe all of these things, our spirits can really take a beating. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, as in other holistic practices, we believe that the mind, body and spirit are inter-related. All three must be nourished and brought into balance for optimum health and longevity. Come to SoulSpace to find out how you might achieve your best health and wellness.


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