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When it comes to a home décor style, Britt and I definitely each have our own distinct tastes. However, often times when choosing home accessories, we find ourselves gravitating towards the same pieces and love to use the same home accents, but in different ways. While on our 40th birthday trip in Mexico, we went shopping in the small town of Sayulita (where we also surfed up a storm!) and a friend of mine had recommended that we check out this local shop called Evoke The Spirit. The store was beyond charming, and carried an amazing array of one-of-a-kind products made by local artisans — Including these incredible decorative cow skulls. Immediately Britt and I both knew we each had to have one for our homes … Especially because we both love collecting unique home décor pieces when we travel that remind us of our trip.

Almost two years later, we’re still seeing these decorative skulls popping up everywhere! The trend is hot right now in home décor, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Since this is a trend that we adore, we wanted to share with you all some of our favorite designs, and ways to incorporate this decorative skull trend seamlessly into your home (or outdoor space).

Here are some of the ways we use this trend:

1. Add a skull to your wall of picture frames. Consider adding a skull to your gallery wall to give the display an artistic pop and some dimension!

Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Add a skull to a plain wall…outside or inside. Here’s something I did on the wall of our guest house. It was just a plain and cream stucco wall-and didn’t need much-so Britt and I hung the skull I got in Mexico out there (it’s covered from weather). I definitely find it adds to the atmosphere when we hang out on the patio, plus it’s charming and sticks with my California, boho-chic décor style.

3. Who knew skulls could be versatile and useful? Decorative skulls are not only a great addition to any room, they can also serve a purpose; I use one of mine as a jewelry rack for my long necklaces and it really keeps them untangled (and looks better than a bulky jewelry box). Britt has one as a hat rack which is also a great use for one.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Make a planter out of your skull! Okay, how cute are these? If you have a pathway leading up to your home, or any sort of outdoor space, you can grow all kinds of plants (especially succulents) out of the holes of the skulls. Usually through the eyes! Britt and I did some in our gardens and they look unreal!

Photo credit: Pinterest

For even more inspiration, check out The Sweet Life Pinterest board with our favorite decorative skulls, and cool ways to use them!

Let us know how you are using your decorative skulls by tagging #TheSweetLife in your pics!



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