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If you are anything like us, then every year you rack your brain trying to pick out the absolute PERFECT gift for your partner on Valentine's Day. Seriously though, isn’t it so stressful?! Well, this year, we decided we would really cover our bases and come up with not one, but TWO great ideas for your significant other.

The first idea is a really fun booze bouquet … We have all the easy DIY details on that in the video below.

The second idea (also in the video) is a little more meaningful … A Date Night Jar full of a whole year’s worth of fun and special date ideas. Let's face it, life gets crazy and busy, and it is so easy to get into a rut with dates ... or miss them all together. That's why we love this gift so much — It keeps encouraging the momentum of having one date per week, and is full of great ideas for the whole year.

The whole idea behind the Date Night Jar is to fill the jar with 52 pieces of paper, each with a date night suggestion. Then each week you can pull out one idea for how you are going to spend your quality time together on your date.

Now, these date night ideas don’t have to be anything super elaborate or expensive, they can be as simple as 'movie night with a bottle of wine' — As long as you are filling the jar with thoughtful ways to spend time together, that’s all that counts! But we thought it would be fun to throw in a couple of bigger date night ideas like, 'massages + room service, 1 night away at a hotel’.

For our Date Night Jar, we wrote down our 52 date night ideas, rolled them up and tied them with little pieces of ribbon. Next, we placed all the scrolls inside a glass jar, and drew a big heart on the front using a paint pen (because, you have to be festive). Voila! You’re done!

Below are 22 of our date night ideas to get the ball rolling … because we started to get really stumped around 30!

• Take a workout class together

• Museum + lunch

• Recreate your first date

• Have wine + dessert for dinner

• Binge watch a show you have been meaning to watch

• Take a cooking class

• Volunteer together

• Try a new restaurant in a new neighborhood

• Go dancing

• Go to a concert

• Wine + puzzle night

• Go to the farmers market and then make dinner from scratch

• Plan your dream vacation

• Have a picnic

• Go see a comedy show

• Take a mini road trip for the day

• Get all dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner

• Pick an activity neither of you have ever tried before

• His choice vs. Her choice — Trade off planning an entire date night

• Have breakfast in bed and stay there for the morning

• Go be kids (without the kids) and go to an amusement park

• Spend the day at a pool

We hope you love this Valentine's Day gift idea as much as we do! If you make one, we would love to hear some of the fun date night suggestions you included!



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