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I am such a big fan of Valentine’s Day … Not only is it a good reminder to show a little extra love to the people you care about most, but it’s the perfect holiday to bring out your crafty side and create some cute DIY projects.

One really fun thing about having kids (and Britt) is being able to spend time with them to craft and create holiday-themed gifts! I personally love the idea of creating gifts with my kids, rather than just buying them. So, this year for Valentine’s Day teacher gifts my kids could bring to school, I took to Pinterest to get some fun ideas and inspiration.

With Britt and Steely’s help, we ended up making these really cute candy skewers, as well as candy jars. Neither project takes too much time, or costs a lot to make — But they look really festive and fun and have that personal touch to them!


Making the candy skewers took no time at all! This is the perfect project to do with your kids, especially younger kiddos, because they’ll love threading the candy and making patterns! Plus, they are quick to assemble, so they don’t require a long attention span. To create them, you simply thread the candies of your choice onto traditional wooden skewers in whatever pattern you please. I went with traditional heart gummies, topped with a heart shape marshmallow.


The jars were so much fun to get creative with! And I loved that Steely helped me pick out (and taste test), the candy so she felt a part of the whole process. First, we purchased some medium size mason jars (available at most grocery stores), and painted the lids white. Next, we filled them with an assortment of Valentine’s Day themed candy. Finally, we purchased some paint pens (Michael’s carries them) and added fun Valentine’s Day arrow designs and wrote ‘love’ on the jars. To finish it off, we wrapped pink and white yarn around the rim of the jar to add some texture. You can also use the yarn to attach a gift tag.

We had a blast making these Valentine’s Day teachers gifts, and hope you all get inspired to make your own!



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