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We are officially in the holiday season, and that means the weather is cooling off (at least finally in California), and it is time to start factoring outerwear into your outfit on a regular basis. Now admittedly we are both total sunshine girls, but this time of year, we get so excited about the idea of bundling up and making our coats a part of our look.

When we look for a coat, we either go for one that is simple, or one that makes a statement — If you are going for a simple coat, then pick one that is comfortable, has a great fit and is flattering on you. If you go for a fun coat that is more of a fashion statement, then pick one that you really love and know that you will pair it a lot of different simple looks like jeans and a pair of booties.

Our final tip when selecting a coat is to pick one (or two) that can transition into the spring, and one that can travel well. Neither of us are big fans of a big bulky coat, and prefer to wear ones that can handle layers under it.

Below are some of our favorite coat looks for the season. And remember, a fabulous coat doesn’t have to cost a fortune! There are a lot of great options out there at every price range. Happy shopping (ps, these coats make for great holiday presents to yourself).


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