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Whitney and I met on Abbott Kinney one night when I was in a mad dash to find a last-minute outfit to wear on the Arsenio Hall Show (his 2nd time at bat). It was a Sunday night, and I was wandering aimlessly along the popular shopping street in Venice, desperately trying to find an outfit as all the stores were closing when this little angel appeared before me with the sweetest smile and slight Texan accent (you can always get me with a southern accent). Within a few minutes we became best of friends, and Whit began working her styling magic on me. She was working at a cute little boutique that night but her main job was as a rep for Helmet Lang — Which just happened to be my favorite brand at the time. We quickly decided I needed a simple black Helmet Lang jumper to be delivered to my home the following morning. She then paired my outfit with great jewelry and heels, and I was good to go! My appearance with the rest of my cast members of The Game on The Arsenio Hall Show was a total (fashionable) success. Whit and I continued working together over the years, and have become great friends ... I call her my stylist whisperer. I hope y’all love her pro stylist tips as much as I do! Xo, Britt

Have you ever woken up in the morning, begun to get ready for work, and just stood in front of your closet with NOTHING to wear? I know this must happen to everyone whether it seems as if it is every single day, or even just once in a while. It’s a universal truth for all women (and some men!). Luckily, I have a couple of professional stylist ideas for solving this fashion predicament and to help get you through your sartorial emergency.

First and foremost, always keep in mind that it is most important to dress for yourself first! If you dress to please yourself first, then you are most likely to feel confident and comfortable when walking out of the door! Before picking out an outfit, assess what kind of mood you are in — I promise it will help you select an outfit faster!

It may sound super obvious, but always check for the weather. If it is going to be a beautiful sunny day, then maybe it’s the perfect time to throw on your new sundress and a cute pair of sandals, and feel super fresh and summery. Remember to always bring a cute jacket if it you are going to be out all day because it also may get colder in the evening. I always recommend having a solid leather and denim jacket in your closet as staple pieces. If it is going to be cold and windy, you could go for a black jumpsuit and a grey long jacket with boots and really play up the weather (that is always easiest for me.) Accessories are key to making staple outfits like this pop. Try investing in pieces that you can use with a lot of different looks like a cozy grey cashmere scarf, or a great long necklace from Gabriela Artigas. Remember to look at yourself in a mirror before you leave the house to make sure you are all tucked and sorted so when you walk out the door, you feel amazing.

Like I said above, when choosing an outfit, one must also think of the mood they are in. After that, it’s all about where you are headed. Are you going on a first date? Starting a new job? Going to a concert? These are big decision makers when determining your look for the occasion you are going on. Once you figure out these two factors, then you can also build the colors and the styles that work with your mood and activity.

Another way you can feel confidant is purchasing statement pieces that you feel amazing in that can be worn in multiple ways. I have a black dress that I feel amazing in. I can wear it to a job interview, first date or a flight to Europe. Those are the items that are great investment pieces if you find them. The key is dividing the price of the item by the number of times you will wear it — This is called cost per wear ;)

The most important part of getting ready for everyday is staying true to you and dressing for what makes you feel positive and happy and not for others. Once you leave the house feeling good, others will see this energy and definitely complement you on your style and enjoy the energy you are portraying!

Here are my 8 go-to products of the moment that make me feel confident and ready to tackle anything!

TOP ROW: Staud Zulu Top (perfect girly blouse to be worn dressy for casual) | Creatures of Comfort Valentina Skirt Cotton (fits great and love the pop of color) | Creatures of Comfort Elder Dress Sahara (perfect white dress for summer parties) | RE/DONE Cropped Denim Jacket (wardrobe staple, perfect for summer)

BOTTOM ROW: COS Wide waist-pleated trousers (my favorite pant) | COS Flared sleeveless dress (the perfect all-occasion dress) | Gabriela Artigas Large Egg Pendant (great to wear with dresses or a simple t shirt) |J.W.Anderson Pierce medium leather shoulder bag (perfect shape and great color for summer)


WHITENY, Stylist

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