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We were doing DIY projects back in the 80s with these Puffy paint t-shirts .Got to love those bangs!

Our first photo shoot for SVH

16 years old hanging out at Planet Hollywood during Swans Crossing Days

Photo from first season of SVH

At Joe Dirt 2 Premier. Loved bringing one of my favorite roles Brandy back.

Transcendence Premier

The outfits we wore to the audition for Sweet Valley High at 13 years old

People Magazine ‘50 Most Beautiful People’ issue... That’s my dog Oliver in my shirt

Throwback to our Doublemint days. Always double the trouble with the two of us.

Cyn And I with our friend and Author of Sweet Valley High, Francine Pascal

Our parents were so proud when we made it into Newsweek!

Our favorite sister shoot! This was right after we finished shooting Sweet Valley High and each cut our hair really short!

Original screen test for Sweet Valley High when we were 13 years old... We didn't get the part, but we did get casted for the role 5 years later.

11 years old. First professional photo shoot in Orlando Florida

Original cast of Sweet Valley High!

Throwing it back to our twin tattoos we got when we were 18 years old.

Loved these outfits...!

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