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From the decadent flowers, candles and greenery, to the installations and terrariums, Stephanie Elhayani at Seed Floral made the dining area at our wedding an urban chic secret garden. I loved how she made the process of choosing flowers seem so easy and she always stayed inclusive with my copper theme.

I am obsessed with copper. I cannot get enough of it. I think I was inspired by Moscow mule mugs, lol! One of my favorite parts of our wedding was our unique table centerpieces. While on a preparation appointment one day at Seed Floral, I noticed some candles with copper leaf like bottoms. Much to my surprise, Stephanie shared with me that she had applied the copper leaf herself! I had been searching for the perfect DIY for Cyn and I to do to add to my aesthetic, and this was it. They would go flawlessly with my wedding’s flower colors and the copper terrariums on the table, plus doing it ourselves, would save me a dime!

Stephanie was kind enough to walk Cyn and I through the process of putting copper leaf on vases and candles for all of my tables. In the end, it meant so much that as sisters, we contributed a personal touch to the room. Walking into my reception that night, the collaboration of everyone’s expertise was everything I had dreamed of and more. If you’re looking for a great DIY for your next party or you just LOVE copper like myself, this is an awesome project for home decor.

The leaf like texture enhances any simple candle or vase, and you can buy them in bulk for fairly cheap. The supplies are available at Michaels and the steps are a cinch! You simply apply leaf adhesive to the candle or vase with a small paint brush, stick the copper leaf paper to it and finally, apply a sealer. Then you just wait for it to dry… Here are the instructions for the do it yourself at home (this one is for gold leafs but we used copper).

Supplies needed:

I would recommend taking on a DIY to add to your wedding. It was truly special for Cyn and I to get crafty and do a hands on, homemade project we could both appreciate amongst the modern, romantic and elegant wonderland Stephanie had created that night.



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