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Hi Y'all! I'm always on the go and crave more time to slow down. That's why I'm so excited to share with you a blog piece by my dear friend Depika Mistry wrote for us. She's helped me to slow down and connect with myself and my life around me. Enjoy!

XO, Britt

The practice of ‘SLOWING DOWN’ is very powerful tool that can be incorporate into your daily routine. It can aid you with the process of releasing the old you and birthing the new you!

Does the words 'SLOW DOWN' bring about positive or negative thoughts?

What about in your body? What sensations do you experience in your body when you utter the words 'SLOW DOWN'?

What about your soul? That deeper unseen part of you? How does it feel about slowing down?

For many of us, especially those of us that live a fast-paced life, the idea of slowing down creates a sense of dread, resistance and feelings of fear of being weak and not good enough.

Many of us will also have beliefs about slowing down is only for 'OLD or INCAPABLE PEOPLE’.

You see we have been programmed from a young age that FAST is best:

‘The fastest person wins the race'

‘Faster your car the better your car'

'Quicker you complete your exam paper the smarter you are'

Think about it, think about all the ways you have been rewarded, recognised, acknowledged for being fast at something in your life.

Then take a moment to ponder the meaning you have given the words ‘SLOW DOWN’


Now ponder the following definition

When you SLOW DOWN you enter an expanded state of being! In this state, you can:

Expand your awareness & senses

Connect more deeply with your intuition

Observe the bigger picture at play

Feel more grounded, calm & fulfilled

Witness your inner and outer world from alternative perspectives

Pick up on the subtitles in the teeny tiny details

See your thoughts passing by without reacting to them

Decreases your mental chatter

Let me know how this sits with you.


Depika Mistry is a coach, energy healer and business consultant. She is well known for her powerful intuitive insights and her ability to deconstruct and upgrade stagnate energetic, emotional & mental programming.

Her deep understanding of energetic patterns and talent for practical translation helps guide people to releasing their blocks and empowering them to upgrade to new healthier, abundant and more integrated versions of themselves.

Depika founded AnouMe in 2012 and it's since become a global consulting, business advisory, coaching & energy healing business and has so far served over 400 clients worldwide. You can follow Depika and her work here:

Instagram/Facebook: @anoumechange


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