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6 Ways To Show Your Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was and is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, I loved how it brought our extended family together. I found great comfort in our traditions. There is a certain peace, you feel as a child, knowing you will always spend Thanksgiving at the same house, eating the same delicious recipes, sitting in the same seat and yes...laughing at the same jokes year after year. Now that I have my own children, I want to incorporate some new traditions that entail some creativity and further enhance our special day.

Here are some new ways to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

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Gratitude Garland

Thanksgiving decor is a festive way to show gratitude.

Have your guest write something they're thankful for and add to the garland.

-Cut 2 inch strips of construction paper in autum colors



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Table Clothes To Remember

My very close friend suggested we add this to our family tradition.

Have your family and friends write what they're thankful for, along with their name and date. Every year pull it out to add gratitude and to reflect on the pass years. It's extra special to read from grandparent who might not still be with us.

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Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

This is something fun you can do with your kids. It gives them a chance to work on their cutting skills and feel useful. Plus it adds to a more rich conversation.

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Thankful Tree

A Thankful Tree is another way to add gratitude and decor to your Thanksgiving.


-vase or jar

-construction paper


-filler of any kind


Gratitude Circle

We try and do this as much as we can year around. Stand in a circle holding hands and give everyone a chance to say something they're grateful for. It's especially good for kids to practice using their voice and reflect on all the positive things in their lives.

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Place Setting surprise

Have your kids write what they love and appreciate about each person on the back of each place setting, when your guest sit down for Thanksgiving dinner they have a sweet surprise. If you'd like to take it a step further, have everyone guess who it's from.

I hope this enriches your Thanksgiving this year and many to come.

Wishing you and your families a blessed, grateful, thankful and loving Thanksgiving!!!



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