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I’m committed to eating healthy, but the struggle to maintain variety in my diet is real. A healthy, filling meal that I can make fast and will satisfy my whole family can be hard to come by. One of my biggest meal challenges is breakfast. In the morning, beyond eggs, I wrestle to find options that aren’t carb filled and that my family really likes.

Recently, Acai bowls were introduced to me (they are having a culinary moment right now) and I was instantly hooked. Acai bowls are the ideal energy food to wake up to … especially before a workout! They fill you up but aren’t too heavy. The ingredients are the perfect balance of fruits and complex carbs, and the recipe is high in anti-oxidants. Plus, these bowls are much easier than you may think to make at home! I like to switch up what toppings I use so that my family and I (especially the kids) don’t get bored of the same old recipe.

And if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth, you can use the leftover Acai ingredients (or whip up an entire recipe) to make nutrient-packed homemade popsicles. I try to limit my refined sugar intake as much as possible, and turning this recipe into leftover Acai popsicles a great summer dessert substitute!

How to make them: I showed Britt the other day how easy Acai bowls are to make, and now she’s all about them too. All it takes is throwing the frozen Acai ingredients in the blender with a banana, pouring that into a bow, and then topping your bowl with whatever fixins’ your heart desires!

Homemade Acai Bowls

Blend these ingredients for base:

2 Acai frozen packets (purchase at Whole Foods) and follow package directions

1 ripe banana

Suggested toppings:

Organic blueberries

Additional banana slices


Slivered Almonds

Chia seeds

Coconut flakes

Let me know if you try the recipe, and share a picture of how it turns out with us by tagging #TheSweetLife!



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