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It happens almost every time — I’m about to head out for a kids birthday party, I get everyone settled in the car, the present is wrapped and ready to go, and I realize … I don’t have a card. It’s like clockwork, every time! As a result, I end up having to stop and pick one up on the way, being rushed and making us late — Not to mention that birthday cards these days are expensive! This school year, I vowed to keep some on hand at home.

With three kids under thirteen, we have a birthday party almost every weekend, so I need them in bulk. Instead of buying a pre-made pack of ten birthday cards with a generic message, I thought it would be nice to personalize some blank cards and make them at home.

When I came across the DIY cards on Pinterest, the words ‘minimal supplies’ in the description appealed to me. I had hoped for a project I could do with my four-year-old daughter, and with this one the steps were minimal and simple, so that we could finish a whole stack in one sitting.

Here are the supplies needed (and they’re all pretty cheap!):

• Pad of watercolor paper

• Watercolor paint pad and brush

• Thin black felt tip pen

• Masking tape

• Scissors

• X-acto knife (keep out of reach of children)

By following the steps of the below tutorial, once you do it a couple of times, you won’t need the video anymore

Steely and I both had a lot of fun using the watercolor paints, mixing up our own original colors, and I loved not having to worry about permanent stains on furniture or clothing. By spending a couple of hours of quality time and getting creative with her, I’m now semi-prepared for the next ten parties we’re headed to. What a relief!

These cards end up so versatile you can give them to children or adults, no matter their gender. Plus, they’re mini, so they facilitate a short message as I don’t often find it necessary to write a long birthday memo (although I do like make sure the card is personal). The cards look darling on presents, big or small, providing the perfect decorative accessory and pop of color.

My advice to you is to take the birthday card stress off your shoulders and try it! As moms, we already have enough on our plate, and sometimes making one less stop can mean the world.

Tag #TheSweetLife to share any clever projects you’ve done with your little ones lately! I always love hearing from other moms.



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