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We are so excited to have the very talented celebrity party planner Charley from Bluebell Events (located in Los Angeles) share her tips with The Sweet Life! Charley (who has planned events for stars like Brooke Shields and Kurt Douglas) is offering you all her little tips and tricks on how you to turn your next soiree into a party with professional touches — All without breaking the bank! Hope you enjoy! — Britt and Cyn

Entertaining at home doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many things you can do on your own to personalize and create a memorable experience for your guests. When I am designing a party, I think of the five senses, and I always recommend that this is a good place to start for any non-professional party planner! The hope is guests leave the party subconsciously having enjoyed the experience. That includes great music that you played, the smell of the candles, the taste of the food, the linens they touched, and above all, the personal touches that you added or gave them to take home that will make a lasting memory.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this memorable experience. Think about going to flea markets and vintage stores and start collecting great pieces of china, fun eclectic glasses, flatware and candle holders. Over time, you will have collected a fabulous selection of pieces that you can mix and match and surprise your guests with.

Flowers are always stunning to have as your centerpieces on the tables, and if you’re lucky enough to have them in your back garden, you can make your own beautiful arrangements. You can also try heading to wholesale flower markets and making your own arrangements. As an alternative to the classic votive candle for lighting, while antique shopping, keep an eye out for candelabras that can create a dramatic, elegant atmosphere. They act as ambient lighting, and are seriously chic statement centerpieces.

A beautifully dressed table is always a vision to sit down to. Adding a rose to a napkin with a simple ribbon is a cost-effective accent, but oh so glamorous. Think outside the box, and find beautiful sayings or poems that you can print from your computer and place in the center of your charger plate or dinner plates at the table setting. This also creates a really personal touch, and guests will notice!

A take home treat or favor is a lovely gesture to thank your guests for spending the evening with you. The favor can have double duty as a place card holder and a favor. Another fun favor is to bottle up some tasty treats or your favorite dessert, and put a cute thank you on the lid or label. Something as thoughtful as that will truly be appreciated.

Have fun entertaining at home, and remember the more personal touches you add, the more your guests will feel special and excited to be invited to make memories with you! Everyday is a special occasion, so don’t be afraid to break out your best china and enjoy life!



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