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I am so excited to share with y’all some behind-the-scenes photos of my dress fitting with Bridal Designer, Trish Peng. Trish is an absolutely incredible designer and not only designed the dress of my dreams, but is here to give some of her best tips for finding your custom dream dress! Hope you enjoy this The Sweet Life interview with her! XO BRITT

What should a bride consider in making the decision to go custom?

I believe every bride should have something unique for their big day. Instead of having an off-the-rack dress which you’ll likely need additional alterations for, go custom and have the alterations all inclusive. We personally do 3-5 tailored fittings to ensure your dress is a glove fit. If you’re not going the custom route, you're probably spending remotely the same amount with much less value in all aspects.

Where do you pull inspiration from in designing your collection?

My latest collection is floral-inspired. All of the gown names are named after beautiful flowers, with feminine, elegant, ethereal, nude-tones; When I design I think mostly about the woman I’m designing for — Who is she? Since I design for both a Los Angeles bride and a New Zealand bride, the experience vastly changes on the brides’ environment and styles. I think of her.

Bridal trends change every decade or so, where would you say we are now?

With documented and broadcasted celebrity weddings there have been new expectations on the Bridal experience. Most brides are featuring 2, or 3 gowns as opposed to the conventional 1. The modern, more financially-conservative bride is more interested in versatility. I’m designing dresses that are both sexy and elegant, utilizing customized, detachable fabrics for my brides to share in that same luxury.

Do you think it’s best to stay simple and classic or divulge in the NOW trend for your wedding gown?

I always tell my brides, ‘You want to be able to look back at your photos in years time and still like the dress’ — It’s a combination with timeless, and on point with the-right-now. I say, treasure the nude lining, classics, and beading.

What span of time would you recommend a bride to create their custom gown?

I usually recommend 8 months from your first fitting to your last, however I don't shy away from the challenge to rush orders. In fact, it can be quite exciting.

Where would you place the dress on a numerical list of importance with all other things WEDDING?

Oh! It’s the most important, because it’s your day to shine, all eyes on YOU. Every girl dreams about their fairytale wedding and their time to shine. I mean, who really needs Cartier when you’re the most scrumptious thing in the room?

Who should come with the bride to her first fitting?

Ok, I usually recommend bringing a maximum of 3 people; Since it is your day, all attention should be on you!

What bit of advice can you give to the bride whose thoughts and ideas are all over the place?

Choose 3 elements that you like in your dress. Choose what you want to flaunt; remembering that less is always more. The perks of a Trish Peng custom gown, is that frantic or uncertain bride has me to lean on. I create ideas and designs, and together, we construct the perfect gown fit for them, that no one else will have. Stress-free!

Should a partner have any say in your dress?

A partner can share their thoughts on what style they’d like, but all of the other details should be up to the bride!

Lastly, why choose a custom wedding gown with Trish?

The experience we offer is completely personalized. It’s a unique experience where you’re treated as a queen from start-to-finish. We send a private driver to pick up our bride and her entourage, we have champagne and mini high tea overlooking a 360° view of LA — Then I personally sketch their dream dress into a reality- right in front of them.

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